Friday, September 30, 2011

Sulfur Compounds in Garlic

Garlic (Allium sativum L.) is annual herbs. Trunk: small (corpus), 0.5 to 1 cm. Leaves: up lines, compact, flat, width 0.4 to 1.2 cm, base of midrib forming tubers, broad oval, the son of bulbs, angular, covered by white membranes, upper midrib forming pseudo-stem. The flowers: a simple arrangement of multiple umbrella, children appear in any of tubers, 1-3 leaf protectors, such as membranes. Tent interest: six leaves, the shape of elongated, tapered, white-white-green-purple. Allium sativum L. bulbs a bulb-shaped compound is almost circular, diameter 4-6 cm consisted of 80-20 whole cloves covered with 3-5 thin membrane like a little white-colored paper, each clove enveloped by two membranes similar paper, the outer lining of the colour white and a little bit loose, membranes in pink and attached to the solid part of but easy to peel cloves; cloves rounded section forms the back, next to the field of flat or slightly angled. 
Sulfur Compounds in Garlic

Chemical constituents of garlic that have biological activity and are useful in the treatment of organosulfur compounds. The content of organosulfur compounds include: 

Compound S-ak (en)-yl-L-Cysteine sulfoxide (ACSOs), for example, alliin and γ-glutamilsistein, the most numerous compounds in garlic. Alliin responsible for the odor and flavour of garlic, sulfur-containing amino acids, and is used as the precursor of allicin. Alliin sulfoxide and other compounds, except sikloalliin, soon turned into thiosulfinat compounds, like allicin, with the help of the enzyme alliinase when garlic is chopped fresh, chopped, or chewed directly. Alliin have potential as antibacterial. 

Volatile sulfur compounds such as allicin. Allicin is a compound that is less stable, the influence of hot water, air oxygen and alkaline environment, easily decomposed into other sulfur compounds like sulfide dialil. 
Sulfur compounds that are soluble in fat. 

Soluble sulfur compounds are non volatile as the S-allil cysteine (SAC), formed from the enzymatic reaction γ-glutamilsisteine when garlic is extracted with water. SAC is widely available in a variety of garlic preparations, are compounds that have biological activity, so the presence of SAC in garlic preparations are often used as a standard that garlic preparations are suitable for consumption or not.

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