Friday, October 9, 2015

Factors Cause Cataracts in Elderly

The cause of cataract is not known with certainty. Along with age, the proteins that make up the eye lens ever changing. This makes the lens of the eye that had been clear, changed into murky. Until now, not yet known how the aging process can lead to changes in proteins in the eye lens.

Some other factors that will heighten your risk of developing cataracts:

  • Eye exposure to sunlight for a long time.
  • Some health conditions such as diabetes or inflammation of the middle part of the eye (uveitis) long term.
  • Taking high doses of corticosteroid medications for a long time.
  • Had undergone eye surgery.
  • Or a family history of cataracts in the offspring.
  • Unhealthy diet and lack of vitamins.
  • Consumption of liquor in large quantities on a regular basis
  • Smoke
  • Prevention of cataract is still unknown because the exact cause is still unclear.

Cataract Treatment in Elderly through Operation Process

Glasses and brighter lights might help cataracts are mild, but the cataracts will evolve over time and eventually patients will require surgery.

The only measures that have proven most effective treatment is surgery. The healing effects of the operation will be felt mainly for cataract patients who already hamper everyday activities, such as driving or reading.

In cataract surgery, the cloudy lens will be removed and replaced with a clear plastic lens. The operation is usually performed under local anaesthetic so that your eyes become numb. Because of this, including minor surgery, it is usually no need to stay in the hospital.

Although the recovery from surgery will take some time (from several days to weeks), almost all the people who live it will feel improvement in their vision. Patients are usually able to resume normal routine within two weeks after surgery.

Plastic lenses in your eyes adjusted to the level of a certain vision. After surgery, the use of glasses will be needed to help the vision is far or near. Similarly, if you have glasses, lens size can be changed. It is advisable to wait until the recovery is complete before making new glasses.

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