Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Healthy for life

Natural Health Tips to keep it quite easily accustomed to the daily. Each person would want to live a healthy life while performing daily activities together with loved ones. Healthy life starting from yourself, how good you are as an individual matter or if the leader can not lead his own body, then you are not worthy to say as a leader. Therefore, protecting the body's health is a top priority.

 Here are some practical tips for implementing a healthier lifestyle:

1. Expand Drinking Water
Healthy lifestyle is indeed a bit difficult to run because not a few people are reluctant to drink water that has no taste. Remember that water is the best drink of all drinks that we know. Do habit to drink water at least 6-8 glasses of water every day to protect the health of the kidneys and urinary tract. You can also give a squeeze of lemon juice to help remove toxins in the body.

2. Cleanliness
Hygiene is essential in realizing a healthy life, for example from a bath 2 times a day, wash hands before eating, keep the area clean bathroom, brushed her teeth when waking up and before going to bed, to tidy bedroom. The overall cleanliness of the house can always be the size of the character of the dwelling and if all the room was dirty, it means how the owner of the house.

3. Breathe in the fresh air
With a breath of fresh air means you protect lung health. We do not need to go to the mountains or the countryside just a place to get clean air. Such a healthy lifestyle you can do every morning and trying to avoid the polluted air such as cigarette smoke. In addition, we must also pay attention to the cleanliness of home furnishings for example a fan, Ac and others.

4. Sports
Do not unduly concentrate on your work. A time moment for refreshing / refreshment and exercise. Because in addition to the muscles can also reduce fatigue and avoid stress. Healthy lifestyle with exercise is effective for all age groups.

5. Expand fiber during breakfast
Enough fiber at breakfast make the stomach full until lunch time arrives. These tips can be tricked by eating cereal or oatmeal combined pieces of fruit such as banana and strawberry. If the cereals are not available, the bread might as successor. Choose bread made from wheat flour and served with peanut butter or fruit jam.

6. Eat fresh fruits
Did you know the best time to eat fruit that is the main menu when you're eating or before eating? If we take the fruits after eating the energy that comes from the fruit becomes useless, stored in the body and unused.

7. Serve beans
All types of nuts (almonds, peanuts and walnuts) are a source of omega-3 fatty acids omega 3 fatty acid substance is a nutrient the body needs good fats. In addition, fatty acids can also make the hair, skin, and nails always healthy.

8. Sleep / Rest
Rest is a matter of restoring the freshness of the body with relaxation or sleep. Everyone should arrange a time for a break. Try to remember when people get sick it would require quite a break, otherwise how? The disease can recur again. With so a compulsory break for our health.

9. Reduce the drink contains sugar
Try to reduce the drinks that contain sugar because sugar can accelerate the effects of aging, obesity generally causes the accumulation of fat in the liver. Better to use natural sweeteners like brown sugar instead of white sugar.

10. Limit greasy foods such as fried
Reduce eating too many fried foods and limit nutrients that have a high fat and protein content of offal.

11. Create a healthy environment
Life pattern can be formed by the surrounding environment. If you want to change the pattern of life must be initiated from the everyday environment. Just as meaningful someone always healthy to have a lot of colleagues / neighbors who want to make a healthy living habit.

12. Changing patterns of Thought
The case is fundamental to have a healthy lifestyle and to change the mindset to serious proclaimed healthy living. Strict discipline of applying the principles of healthy lifestyle habit in practice in daily life such as religion. Getting to know and communicate with people or someone who can really realize the importance of precedent in healthy living.

13. Positive Thinking and Refrain from Stress
Always positive thinking can make you happy and to realize the spiritual health is maintained. Think ahead, be optimistic and do not forget to be grateful for the blessings of God. Say hello to a brighter tomorrow.

So this is a few tips to maintain health naturally every day, I hope hopefully this article can be useful for us all

Friday, February 26, 2016

Eye Pain Treatment Safe for Children

Eye pain can be a disease that is very disturbing. The pain, impaired vision, and also soreness that is felt in the eye would be very disruptive and upsetting.

It's for us adults, and how that felt when it happened to the children? It would be even more painful and annoying. Sore eyes in children as much as possible must be overcome so that the child does not feel the pain that is getting worse. For that we should be able to get eye pain medication for children is safe and harmless.

Eye Pain Treatment Safe for Children

Eye pain treatment for children is very important to note. Children who still have the stability of the body that are less stable and also immunity that still must be maintained properly. Children should also be kept away from the different effects of the drug also should make you careful to choose eye pain medication use for children. Therefore, there are several drugs that can be on you when your child or sister you experience eye pain.

Eye pain medications are safe for children can be found with a variety of drugs that can be easy to get. First you can use for children is to use eye pain medications in the form of natural materials. Natural materials would provide a tremendous benefit to you.

The side effects are very minimal and in fact very little you can make sure that the drug is very safe for children. Natural materials as eye pain medication may also be useful for children because of the benefits that can heal quickly and also the material that is easy for you to encounter around your home.

The natural ingredients used as eye pain medication to a child is using the betel leaf. Betel leaves can be used as the first alternative to cure your child's eyes. All you have to do is stew one betel sheets are cleaned, when the boil must be added a little salt, then boiled until boiling.

After that strain the betel leaf stew with clean water. That way you can use a decoction that is filtered into the water to wash the eyes. A good thing to be done three times a day regularly to get sore eyes rapidly improved.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Herbal remedies for Thrush

Thrush is a disease that is often not taken seriously and should not be up to the doctor to cure this disease. Thrush is a disorder in which there is a disturbance around the mouth due to lack of vitamin C and also water.

Thrush is usually spread on the area of the gums and tongue. Although thrush considered a disease that is not dangerous, but the disease is actually torture you because you will find it painful and difficult to speak even eat will feel sore. For it is very important for you to know the right remedy for canker sores, mainly derived from herbs.

Actually, if left alone untreated, ulcers can be cured by itself. However, the recovery process is done naturally are quite time consuming. If thrush is left in the long term in the area of your mouth, then it will be quite an impact on you as cravings are reduced due to sore that swept throughout your mouth, and things will feel pain if any food touches the thrush in the mouth you. Sores that potent drugs will be important to you.

For those of you who suffer from canker sores, it will be necessary to take steps to the maximum treatment that has been recommended by doctors after taking the sprue. Medically speaking, doctors are advised to patients suffering from thrush to use this type of mouthwash in which there are benzocaine and lidocaine content that can relieve pain temporarily.

Actually, for the drug canker sores, you can create your own concoction by using herbs such as fennel plant, sambong (Blumea Balsamifera), turmeric, sweet sage leaves, and cinnamon. Herbal remedies for thrush is also known for a long time and shown to cure canker sores. How to make it very easy. Such materials you mash until smooth half after that all the ingredients you boiled with water and apply the screening process and the water that you can make brewed as sprue herbal medicine.

By using herbal ingredients will certainly be more natural and more efficient. You do not need to spend big to buy drugs thrush or consult the doctor for sprue disease can be cured only use herbs that are commonly used as cooking ingredients.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

17 Benefits of Guava for Pregnant Women and Fetus and Health

Guava benefits not only be felt by pregnant women. But also to the fetus inside the womb. Guava is often planted around the yard, so it's very easy to be found. This fruit can be grown in the garden or in the garden properly. Not only sold in traditional markets but guava also has a lot packed in attractive packaging in modern markets. Guava has a good flavour and sweet, especially when it has been cooked. Guava fruit has a lot of goodness in which one of them is to contain more vitamin C than citrus fruit. Vitamin C content of guava is more commonly found in the skin. For those of you who previously liked to peel guava, then you can change that habit from now on.

Besides rich in vitamin C, guava is also rich in iron, calcium, thiamine, magnesium and phosphorus are good for the body. In addition, the guava is not only good for health in general, but also good for pregnant women. Pregnant women need a lot of nutrients and vitamins for the growth of the baby who was in the fetus.

17 Benefits of Guava for Pregnant Women and Fetus and Health

Here are 17 benefits of Guava for Pregnant Women and Fetus and Health

1. Control your blood pressure
2. Keeping the immune system
3. Nice to improve the goodness of the sense of sight
4. Avoiding pregnant women from constipation
5. Reduce stress
6. Rich in folic acid
7. Good for digestion
8. Reduce the risk of cancer
9. Keeping blood sugar in the body

Guava for health benefits
Meanwhile, guava for health benefits is as follows.
1. Preventing premature aging
2. Increase the number of blood
3. Good for digestion
4. Good for eye health
5. for relaxation
6. Anti-tumour and anti-inflammatory
7. Prevent Cancer
8. Healthy skin

12 Green Apple Fruit Benefits for Pregnant Women and Fetus

Apples into one of the fruits that are very popular and widely consumed by the public. In addition to the taste of savory and sweet, apples are also known for rich nutritional content.

The apple is very practical; can be eaten or made into juice or other snacks. However, to get an overall efficacy of apple, then it is advisable to consume directly with the skin. With notes; apples were washed with clean running water. Apple fruit beneficial to maintain health, beauty, and so forth.

The apple does contain many good nutrients apple red, green, or yellow. But do you know, it turns green apples have special properties.

12 Green Apple Fruit Benefits for Pregnant Women and Fetus

When compared to other apples. This is because green apples contain more nutrients than the red or yellow apples. The content of nutrients in apple green is also entirely useful for mothers who are in a period of pregnancy. Therefore, it is excellent for pregnant mothers to consume these green apples. Here's what the benefits of green apple fruit for pregnant women:
1. Preventing DNA Damage
2. Prevent Diabetes Pregnancy (Gestational Diabetes)
3. As a Natural Protein Sources
4. Relieve Weary
5. Avoid Asthma
6. Lower Cholesterol
7. Help Overcoming Morning Sickness
8. Help Overcome Digestive Problems
9. Increasing Appetite
10. Preventing Pre-eclampsia
11. Help Reduce Leg Swelling Complaints
12. Helps Fetal Growth and Development Healthy

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Herb Garden and Treatment Method

Herbal plants, the plants may be the most popular and interesting group of existing plants. For centuries, herbs have been used in various ways to treat the disease. Herbs are used in cooking and our food, an ornamental garden, home fragrance and body, up to cure our diseases. Anyway, herbs are in each of our lives.

In this article, we'll show you how to grow an herb garden.
Herb Garden and Treatment Method

Preparing the soil for planting herb gardens
Herbs can grow and survive in different types of soil. However, by making some changes to the preparation of simple, garden soil, you can be more productive as you want. Good soil must be maintained by proper management. In this section, we will teach you the basics.

Herbs Garden Soil Preparation Techniques
In this section, you will learn how to test your soil's texture and fertility. Then, you'll also see how to correct soil deficiencies. Improve the quality of your garden soil is easily accessible and is a regular part of gardening. This job cannot be completed in the first year. However, by routinely cultivate the land properly, and then you will reap the benefits of many years of work. We'll show you how to improve your soil, fertilizer, and recycles the soil to give you the best chance of herbal plants in growth.

Growing Herbs
Often we decided to try planting some kind of favourite herbs. Usually begins in a pot and then increased to the garden soil. Here, more attention should be devoted to herbs that plant growth can occur properly.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Herbs in Shady Yard

Herbs and care of the vegetable garden can produce beautiful and healthy plants. You can learn all about the herb and vegetable garden care.

Direct Seeding in Herbs Gardens
Direct seeding is an easy way to cost effective to start planting herb gardens, if you live in a climate that is supportive.

Herbs, like other plants, convert sunlight, water and carbon dioxide into sugar and oxygen in a process known as photosynthesis. They use sugar for fuel as basic functions such as growth and reproduction, and then store it in the trunk and roots, as we perceive it in salads and stir-fry.

In general, more sunlight is absorbed by the plant, the more energy is able to produce and make plants grow healthy herbs.

Just like other green vegetable crops, including lettuce, spinach, Swiss chard, arugula, endive, radicchio, kale, mustard greens, cabbage and bok choy. Herbs such as cilantro, chives, mint and lemon balm will also grow in dark conditions. With less sunlight (about four hours every day), you can increase root vegetables such as potatoes, beets, carrots and turnips. Vegetables worst shady garden are those that grow from flowering plants, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, squash and eggplant.
Herbs in Shady Yard
Herbs in Shady Yard

Maximizing Light in Shady Yard
A little light into a very important thing in a shady garden. This will greatly affect the results of the quality and quantity of the crop.

When choosing a place to plant your garden, find out where the sun shines most in your shady courtyard. The best way to do this is to familiarize you with the way the sun tracks across the sky. Everyone knows that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, reaching the highest point in the sky around noon. This means that the gardens on the east or west side of the fence or the building will receive about half a day of sun if nothing else it's nuances. Another characteristic of the sun, at least in the northern hemisphere, is that it always shines on the southern half of the sky. As a result, the gardens are situated on the north side of the structure will have little or no direct sunlight, while planted on the south side can potentially receive sunlight throughout the year.

Hopefully this information is helpful to you, who want herbal plants in shady yard.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Rodent Tuber Crops, Medicinal Natural Cancer

Tuber crops rat or known by the scientific term is Thyponium flagelliforme is one plant that has extraordinary properties to cure diseases, one of which is cancer. Cancer as one disease that is feared the people, because they assume that cancer is a deadly disease.

But after the discovery of the efficacy of rodent tuber crops, is now able to breathe a little community (especially those who are affected by cancer). On this occasion will discuss the taro plant rat cancer drugs. Therefore, for those who feel concerned with joint health, please see the following information.

Efficacy and Content of Rodent Tuber Plants as Cancer Drugs

Rodent Tuber Plants as a cancer drug has little history. Efficacy of rodent tuber is the first time discovered by Drs. Patoppoi Pasau derived from Pekalongan, Central Java. The story begins from Patoppi wife, who suffered from cancer in the chest stages 3 and should be operated at the time.

Patoppoi not just stop and give up on the process of the operation, he was still searching and hunting something that can cure her disease. Finally, Patoppoi find the book in Malaysia, entitled Cancer, Yet They Live by Dr. Chris K.H. Teo in 1996. From the book Patoppi found the efficacy of rodent tuber crops.

Based on scientific identification, in the rodent tuber crops which are believed capable of treating cancer, turned out to contain some chemicals. Some of the chemicals in rodent tuber crops include hexane, ethyl acetate, phenylpropanoid glycosides, cerebroside, dichloromethane and sterols. Meanwhile, Pharmacology examines that extracts of the Rodent Tuber Plants can prevent the growth of liver cancer cells. In addition, Rodent Tuber Plants can be used as immune mediator’s immune system to prevent the presence of cancer cells.

As already explained earlier that the plant taro rat cancer drugs that can prevent the emergence of cancer cells, then all cancers of the ordinary to be addressed by the toughest rodent tuber crops, such as prostate cancer, liver cancer, cancer of the breast, cancer of the blood, lungs lung, cervix, leukaemia, bladder, hepatitis can all be cured with these plants.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Herbs for Back Pain, Safe and Efficacious

Back Pain or Lumbago become one of the common diseases were experienced by some people. Back pain can be caused by several different reasons. Could be due because of fatigue or even be due to serious diseases such as kidney or the other.

Many people assume that the back pain is a common health, but with a different cause will certainly make you think twice to assume that the pain was normal pain. With dangerous because that causes pain, would make us have to find a cure lumbago most correct, namely natural waist pain medication.

Back Pain Medication Natural You Can Use

Herbs for Back Pain, Safe and Efficacious

Natural remedy or herbs would be one of the most popular drugs and even most recommended. Materials are easy to find, easy to manufacture and extraordinary benefits of the reason why traditional medicine or natural it became very popular.

Similarly, this natural pain medication. Tremendous benefits obtained and safe to use would be the reason why choosing a natural remedy for pain. Here are some drugs that you can use to cope with your back pain

Medications for pain naturally can help you to cure your back pain quickly. With the faster the healing you can receive would be the sooner you return to activity as usual.

Natural ingredients that are most recommended to treat your back pain is to use the roots of weeds. Natural waist pain medication using reeds roots can cure your back pain quickly and without any harmful effects.

The roots of the weeds also can use easily, all you have to do is make the roots of these weeds into a potion. To make the potions you need to do is first take root weeds and wash the roots of the weeds is to clean.

After that, the roots of weeds boiled with one litter of water and wait until boiling. After boiling and allow the water to cool. Medicinal roots back pain naturally with weeds was ready to drink. For best results weeds taking root is three times daily after meals. It will quickly disappear pain you experience them.

Friday, January 29, 2016

11 Extraordinary Caffeine Benefits for Body Health

Caffeine is a stimulant substances can be found in some foods. Besides contained in tea, coffee, energy drinks and carbonated drinks, caffeine was also to be found in almost every type of beverage. In fact, caffeine is naturally also on the seeds, leaves and fruit of some plants.

Meanwhile, many thought that says that too much caffeine is harmful to your body. However, it is not entirely true. In a portion or the appropriate dosage, caffeine actually has some benefits as well. Based on research conducted over the years, caffeine has a very positive effect for the body.

Well, in this article, we will discuss a wide range of benefits or advantages of consuming caffeine. Want to know what it is? The following 11 positive effects of caffeine for your body.

11 Extraordinary Caffeine Benefits for Body Health

Caffeine Benefits for Body Health

1. Caffeine helps boost your memory. Studies in Japan have shown that intake of 200 grams of caffeine can significantly improve memory or memory.

2. If you exercise or go to the gym, the combination of caffeine and carbohydrates as a post-workout meal is a very appropriate choice. The combination of both helps fill muscle glycogen which assist in accelerating the process of muscle regeneration after a strenuous workout.

3. Caffeine as a post-workout meal also helps in restoring muscle soreness after exercise.

4. Caffeine also helps in improving and enhancing stamina during exercise or sports.

5. Caffeine stimulates hair growth so that it can be used as one way to prevent hair loss or baldness.

6. Caffeine can stimulate the secretion of a chemical called dopamine in the body. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that activates the pleasure centre in the brain. It also helps you in preventing depression or a psychological illness effectively.

7. Caffeine makes you alert and prevent sleepiness when you need to concentrate on one thing, for example, while driving or being studied.

8. In a medical procedure called enema caffeine, caffeinated liquids such as coffee used to cleanse the colon of toxic substances. In addition, caffeine helps in detoxifying the liver effectively. Caffeine also helps to prevent non-alcoholic liver disease.

9. Caffeine in certain doses can also help in preventing serious diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease. Those who consume caffeine are also a small risk to commit suicide.

10. Caffeine also helps in avoiding eye diseases such as cataracts and eye strain.

11. Research has shown that caffeine was also to prevent skin cancer.

Well, that was some of the tremendous benefits of caffeine for health. If you consume caffeine in reasonable quantities and the appropriate portion, there are certainly a lot of benefits that you will gain as mentioned above.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Benefits of Green Tea for Health

Benefits of green tea for health - Drinking tea is one of the habits of the Asian community, not least Indonesia since time immemorial. Usually enjoyed in the morning or afternoon. Taste slightly bitter but this favour, can help refresh the body before and after activity. One type of tea that has been chosen is green tea.

Benefits of Green Tea for Health

Green tea, in addition to having good taste and refreshing, it can have a positive effect on our health. Green tea is anti-aging which can help slow the aging process. Other benefits of green tea is that it can prevent the entry of free radicals cause degenerative diseases of the body, because the green tea leaves contained high levels of antioxidants.

Health Benefits of Green Tea for Body
Benefits of green tea, of course, not be separated from substances / compounds contained therein. In the green tea, contained a number of important chemical elements and can provide benefits to the body. Are as follows:

1. Polyphenols / Tanin

  • Act as anti-oxidants
  • Can dissolve fat
  • Digestion in the body, as well as capable of killing bacterial dysentery.

2. Catechins

  • Lowering Cholesterol
  • Anti-cancer
  • Lowering high blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
  • Improve performance and protect kidneys from gallstones

3. Mononitrate and Chlorophyll
Beneficial both to kill the bacteria found in the mouth, so it is widely used to prevent bad breath and scent the mouth.

4. Caffeine

  • Helps blood circulation and improve kidney function
  • Helps improve concentration and
  • Stimulates the central nervous system.

5. Oil essence
These compounds are the source of the tea aroma therapy, one of the benefits that Digestion and helps dissolve fat.

6. Flavanols
Benefits include functions as an antioxidant and strengthens blood vessels.

  • 7. Fluoride
  • Prevent the growth of dental caries
  • Prevent cavities and gingivitis.

8. Vitamin C
Levels of vitamin C in tea leaves was higher compared to some fruits such as tomatoes, lemon and apple. Benefits include functioning as antioxidants lower blood pressure, prevent colds, and reduce stress. And protect the eyes from cataracts.

9. Vitamin E

  • When we drink a cup of green tea, the body gets vitamin E intake of 100-200 IU. This vitamin plays a role for the body include:
  • Maintain healthy skin and making it remained smooth and protect it from premature aging.
  • It protects the body from the risk of stroke and heart disease.
  • Prevent fat clogging due to accumulation of fat.

10. Vitamin B complex

  • Role is to speed up the metabolism of carbohydrates, protein, and fat in the body to make red blood cells.
  • Helps adjust the temperature of the hot body

To get all the benefits of green tea, you are encouraged to routinely and regularly drink green tea but in the appropriate dosage. You need to know, in addition to other than beneficial to the body, a substance in green tea tannins can also cause a diuretic effect that sense the urge to urinate constantly. So to say, if you are the more frequent tea drinking water, the more fluid is wasted and cause the body to become weak.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Identify Causes Vomiting in Children

Parental instincts are usually stronger if anything goes wrong with the health of the Small. Not infrequently, this situation will lead to panic. Not unless your child's vomit. If only briefly, perhaps you can relax a little bit, but what if it is prolonged? Identify the cause and resolve as soon as possible before it gets worse.

Actually, occasional vomiting in children is commonplace in case not more than two days. But it's a different story if the condition occurs for days. This possibility is a sign of a serious problem and requires medical attention as soon as possible.

Nausea and vomiting is not a disease, but a symptom. Understand the common causes of vomiting following.

Gastroenteritis or infectious microorganisms that occur in the digestive system, also known as stomach flu. The signs which appear generally include diarrhoea, fever, and abdominal pain.
Children accidentally ingesting toxic substances, such as drugs, chemicals, or food or drinks contaminated.

Food allergies. In addition to vomiting, symptoms can be accompanied by red and itchy skin (urticaria). Besides it can appear swelling on the face, around the eyes, lips, tongue, or palate.
Appendicitis, or inflammation of the appendix caused unbearable abdominal pain that is getting worse over time.

In addition, vomiting can also be caused by a urinary tract infection, meningitis, ear infections, stress or anxiety.

Causes Stomach Bloating in Infants

After you read the previous article, entitled "How to Overcome Stomach Bloating in Infants". Now, it is time we understand the cause flatulence in infants.

Flatulence in babies can be caused by several things. Here are some of the cause’s flatulence in infants who need to know.

The food consumed by the mother. Causes of flatulence in infants who are still drinking breast milk, can be caused by food consumed by the mother. So you need to pay more attention to the food you consume. Should reduce or avoid foods that would form the gas after digested as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, onions or nuts.

Causes Stomach Bloating in Infants

Baby food consumed. If the baby is 6 months old and has already started to eat, you need to pay attention to the food. Vegetables are good for babies, but not all vegetables can be consumed in excess. For example broccoli. Although healthy if consumed in excess, these vegetables can make your baby stomach bloating.

Drink other than breast milk. Drinking enough water is good for the body because it can help a baby defecate. But it is different if in infants aged less than 6 months. They are still not allowed to drink water in addition to breast milk or formula because it can increase the difficulty to get rid of gas from the stomach. Likewise with the juice, the juice can make babies suffered diarrhoea, abdominal pain and excess gas because of the difficulty in digesting the sugar content of the fruit contained in the juice.

Baby pacifier. If your baby is drinking formula from a bottle, you should be more careful in choosing the right dot. End dot is too small or too large can create more air into the baby's stomach when drinking milk and can cause stomach problems such as bloating, or abdominal pain.

You do not need to panic if your baby fussy and abdomen feels hard because of bloating. Just do some ways that can prevent flatulence in infants. But if your baby is very fussy and difficult to be soothed, and show other symptoms, you should consult this matter with your doctor.

How to Deal With Stomach Bloating In Infants

If the baby is often fussy for no apparent reason, it could be because of bloating. Recognize the sign and know how to handle it.

Flatulence in babies making babies uncomfortable so he becomes fussy and often cried. Actually bloating in infants aged 3 to 4 months is normal, because the digestive tract is not functioning perfectly. As people age, they will often experience abdominal bloating due to start trying different foods for the first time.

How to Deal With Stomach Bloating In Infants

On the abdomen there was indeed a gas or air, but which becomes a problem if the excess gas in it. On older child or adult, these gases can be easily removed. But in infants, not all babies can easily remove gas from the stomach, they need help to remove it.

Sign Abdominal Bloating in Infants
When the baby started to fuss and cry for no apparent reason, try to check his stomach. If the baby's stomach feels a bit hard, and sometimes flatulence, this is a sign of the baby's stomach bloating.

In addition to fuss and cry, note also the baby's movements. If he frequently writhing and arching his back to back, and lift both legs, could be a sign that he was feeling bloated.

How to Deal With Stomach Bloating in Infants
There are several ways you can do to overcome flatulence in infants. First, put the baby in bed with sleeping position

You can also prevent the emergence of flatulence in infants. How, after drinking baby milk, baby Hold with the supine position, lift both legs and movements such as riding bicycles. This movement can help remove gas from the baby's stomach.

Another way that you can do is to gently massaging the baby's tummy with clockwise motion. Just like the previous movement, this can be done with a sleeping position. Additionally, you can also rubbed her back by putting the baby on your thighs stomach position face down or face down.

You can also prevent the emergence of flatulence in infants. How, after the baby drinks milk, hold your baby in an upright position so that the milk can be gradually and smoothly into the stomach so as not to cause stomach problems.

In addition, feed your baby before he was hungry. This can minimize the possibility of flatulence in infants due to colds.

Flatulence in infants could also be a sign of serious gastrointestinal problems, therefore if the baby is getting fussy, difficult to defecate, vomit, or even a fever, you should immediately contact a doctor.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

7 Benefits of Kiwifruit for Pregnant Women and Fetus

Kiwi fruit benefits for pregnant women and fetuses in the womb are very big role because it contains vitamin C which is very high. Kiwi fruit is not typical Indonesian fruit but his fame is now rising dramatically. Not only because of its unique and fresh green colour so tempting just as well because it tastes fresh acids. But the kiwi fruit is also much sought after because it turns out the content in it is very good for health. For pregnant women are difficult to eat aka cravings certainly fits with kiwi fruit because it has a distinctive flavour with acidic taste.

Pregnant women and for the common people are usually very good eating kiwi fruit eaten regularly either in the form of fresh fruit or in processed form such as juice, cakes, salads and more. Especially when the pregnancy is the most awaited by the woman in this world. Pregnant women is obligatory to always provide nutrition and good nutrition for the baby in the stomach.

Here are some benefits that can be obtained from kiwifruit in pregnancy is good for pregnant women or for the baby in the stomach. Check out more of the following:

1. Kiwifruit is able to protect DNA
Kiwi benefits for pregnant women who first was able to protect the DNA. Inside there is a kiwi fruit contains antioxidants. The content of antioxidants is very good for the health of pregnant women, especially in protecting the DNA of the baby. Even in some studies indicate that kiwi fruit can also prevent the onset of cancer cells.

2. Helps boost immunity
Maternal health is very important, because it protected not only the health of yourself, but also the health of the baby. Therefore, pregnant women should not get sick when she is in the pregnancy, because it can affect the health of the baby as well. To maintain health during pregnancy, pregnant women can consume a kiwi fruit that is believed to contain high vitamin C and can be used as an antioxidant in counteracting all free radicals and increase the immune system for pregnant women.

3. Helps regulate body weight
In pregnant women is usually a natural thing if weight gain is a constant, because there is a baby in pregnant women also gain weight. But the weight gain of pregnant women is not normal or too fat is not good for pregnant women and can cause problems during childbirth later. Therefore, many pregnant women were told to diet. One good way for pregnant women to diet is to eat the kiwi fruit. Kiwi fruit is known to contain low glikemiks index, but the fiber content in them is very high. Therefore, it can bind more fat than the other pieces that can be easy to make the body lean.

4. Digestion
Because the kiwi fruit also contains a lot of fiber means can be used for pregnant women who have digestive problems. Digestive problems are also often hit the pregnant women you know, and this is not good for the development of the fetus in the stomach. You can cultivate kiwi fruit into juice or other preparations that can make you become more healthy digestion.

5. Help cope with nausea
Kiwi fruit benefits for pregnant women are also able to reduce nausea during pregnancy. Nausea in early pregnancy is a common thing experienced by pregnant women due to hormonal changes in the body of pregnant women and the way the body to adjust for these changes is with this nausea. In kiwifruit are a B vitamin that can help relieve nausea so that pregnant women can be more easily absorb food and beverages.

6. Help overcome the problem of hypertension in pregnancy
According to some research done to get the result that kiwifruit could be an alternative treatment for those who have high blood pressure. High blood pressure is also often experienced by pregnant women, and if pregnant women develop high blood pressure is dangerous because it can inhibit the growth and development of the fetus and could lead to the risk of premature birth.

7. Helps overcome skin problems
Due to hormonal changes in the body of pregnant women, usually pregnant women will experience some skin problems such as pimples, blackheads, dark spots and others. Moreover, when the pregnancy of pregnant women should not use cosmetics that are not exposed to chemicals. Nutrient content in the kiwi fruit is very good for skin health.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Tomato fruit goodness for Skin Care

Tomato fruit goodness for Skin Care - Consuming tomatoes does provide many benefits for the body. In addition to maintaining and improving the health of the body, the efficacy of other tomato fruit can also be used for skin beauty care body and face.

The ability of the tomato fruit for skin beauty care, is indeed not independent of a number of its components, including vitamins, antioxidants and lycopene as provides a lot of good for the body.

Tomato fruit goodness for Skin Care

Benefits of tomatoes for skin

Here are some benefits of tomato for skin care body and your face.

1. Cleans and moisturizes the skin.
To make the tomato fruit as a skin cleanser, you can use it as a facial mask. Ways of making a mask of the tomato is quite easy, simply crush one ripe tomatoes with 1 avocado until smooth. Then apply evenly to all parts of the face. Let stand for 15-20 minutes. Clean with warm water.

You need to consider, tomatoes contain fairly high acidity. So to move the safe side, you should try a mask of this tomato on a small portion of skin and see his reaction. If the skin feels hot, do not use this mask.

2. Decrease the pores of the skin.
Skin pores are large not good for health, as it allows the entry of dirt that can cause infection. To shrink the pores of the skin with tomatoes, how pretty simple, you simply mix 2 tablespoons of tomato juice with 2 drops of lemon juice in a small container, then apply on the face with a circular direction using a soft cotton. Let stand for 10 minutes, then rinse with cold water.

3. Eliminate the problem of acne on the face.
Lack of vitamin A and C is one of the causes of acne on the face. To fix this, you can use two-way natural medicine, namely the treatment of inside and outside.

Treatment of the inside, you can drink tomato juice on a regular basis. This drink is rich in several vitamins including A and C. to cure from the outside, please halved tomatoes and rub gently on the surface of the skin. Let stand for one hour, then flush with cold water.

4. Reduce the amount of oil on the skin.
Besides good for acne, tomato juice and tomato mask, can reduce the oil on the skin.

5. Overcoming blackheads.
Blackheads are common problems that many experienced, especially in adolescence. Its presence on the skin, of course, can make it look less attractive. To overcome these blackheads, you can also use a mask made of a mixture of tomatoes and avocados. Here, tomatoes serves as a blackhead remover, while the avocado fruit acts as an antiseptic and a natural moisturizer.

6. Treat the burned skin from UV rays.
Sun often causing skin burns marked the emergence of a black spots, inflammation, and is often accompanied by itching. To reduce the negative effects of sunlight on the skin, you can create masks or scrubs material from a mixture of tomatoes and yogurt. The combination of both cools the skin and restore moisture.

How to make masks / scrubs ingredients of tomato and yogurt is quite easy. Mash the tomatoes and mix with 2 tablespoons of yogurt. Then apply on the skin of the face, neck, hands and feet.

7. Make the skin look fresh and radiant.
Have a fresh and glowing skin is the dream of all of you of course. To obtain them is not too difficult, please take advantage of tomato juice that has previously been mixed with honey. Then apply on the skin evenly, let sit for 15 minutes, then rinse with cold water until clean.

In addition to maintaining body and facial skin care, you can make a tomato is also a good conditioner for health care for the scalp and keep them from various problems which often happen to him, like a dry and itchy scalp.

To get the benefits of tomatoes as a natural conditioner, please apply tomato juice evenly on the scalp after you finish shampooing. Let stand for 5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with cold water.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Betel leaf benefits for Traditional Medicine

Betel leaf benefits for Traditional Medicine: In the betel leaf contains eugenol which has antifungal properties. With this antifungal properties, betel leaves can be used to inhibit the growth and development of yeast (stem cells) from Candida albicans.

Betel leaves also contain antiseptic substances that play a role in killing the bacteria. (Please read the article about the morphology and content of betel leaf) Antiseptic properties owned betel leaf resulting from phenol derivative that is kavikol, wherein antiseptic properties 5x more effective than ordinary phenol.

Apart from the above two properties, betel leaf also has an antibacterial effect against Streptococcus mutans, Streptococcus viridans, Streptococcus sanguis, Staphylococcus aureus, and, Actinomyces viscosus.

Betel leaf benefits for Traditional Medicine

Betel leaf benefits for Traditional Medicine

Below are some of the benefits of betel leaf as a medicinal plant, and how to mix and use as a drug:

  • Treating bleeding in the nose / bleeding: 1 rather young betel leaves are crushed, rolled as he pressed so out of oil. Use it to clog the nose.
  • Cough remedies: Boil 15 pieces of betel leaf with three cups of water until the remaining ¾ of water. Drink boiled water by adding a tablespoon of honey. Repeat until the cough is gone.
  • As a remedy bronchitis: betel leaves as much as 7 pieces, one piece rock sugar boiled with 2 cups of water until the remaining one cup. Drink 1/3 cup 3 times a day with the rules.
  • Burn treatment: squeeze the betel leaves to taste, add a little honey, and then dab on the skin of the body that is injured as a result of burning.
  • Eliminate body odor: 5 betel leaves boiled with 2 cups water to be one cup, drink regularly every day.
  • Treat ulcers Wash taste of betel leaves, grind until smooth, then Put on boils and surroundings. Then bandaged. Do it 2x a day.
  • Eliminating the less savory aroma of the mouth: 4 pieces of betel leaf, brewed hot water, wait for about 1 hour. Use as a mouthwash.
  • Treat thrush: 2 pieces of betel leaf freshly washed, then chew until blended by your mouth. Dispose of the waste.
  • Treat vaginal discharge: Boil 10 pieces of betel leaf using 2.5 liters of water, lift, and the condition of the warm water used to wash the pubic.
  • Acne medicine: 10 pieces of betel leaf mash until smooth, Pour two cups of hot water. Once cool, use the steeping water to wash your face. Perform 2 to 3 times a day.
  • Treating diarrhoea: 6 pieces of betel leaf, 6 peppercorns, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. Blend all ingredients until smooth, use as a liniment in the abdomen.
  • Breastfeeding reduces excess water: Take a taste of betel leaves, then spread with coconut oil, heat over the fire until wilted, warm paste around the swollen breasts.
  • Overcoming red and itchy eyes: Boil 6 pieces of betel leaf using 1 cup of water to the boil. After the cold boiled water, use an eye wash. Do it 3 times a day until your eyes heal.
  • Similarly, a review of a number of benefits for the betel leaf herbal medicine. May be useful. You need to know, in addition to green betel which has been known in traditional medicine, there are also other typesof betel namely red betel. Benefits of red betel leaf is not less than the green betel.