Sunday, January 17, 2016

7 Benefits of Kiwifruit for Pregnant Women and Fetus

Kiwi fruit benefits for pregnant women and fetuses in the womb are very big role because it contains vitamin C which is very high. Kiwi fruit is not typical Indonesian fruit but his fame is now rising dramatically. Not only because of its unique and fresh green colour so tempting just as well because it tastes fresh acids. But the kiwi fruit is also much sought after because it turns out the content in it is very good for health. For pregnant women are difficult to eat aka cravings certainly fits with kiwi fruit because it has a distinctive flavour with acidic taste.

Pregnant women and for the common people are usually very good eating kiwi fruit eaten regularly either in the form of fresh fruit or in processed form such as juice, cakes, salads and more. Especially when the pregnancy is the most awaited by the woman in this world. Pregnant women is obligatory to always provide nutrition and good nutrition for the baby in the stomach.

Here are some benefits that can be obtained from kiwifruit in pregnancy is good for pregnant women or for the baby in the stomach. Check out more of the following:

1. Kiwifruit is able to protect DNA
Kiwi benefits for pregnant women who first was able to protect the DNA. Inside there is a kiwi fruit contains antioxidants. The content of antioxidants is very good for the health of pregnant women, especially in protecting the DNA of the baby. Even in some studies indicate that kiwi fruit can also prevent the onset of cancer cells.

2. Helps boost immunity
Maternal health is very important, because it protected not only the health of yourself, but also the health of the baby. Therefore, pregnant women should not get sick when she is in the pregnancy, because it can affect the health of the baby as well. To maintain health during pregnancy, pregnant women can consume a kiwi fruit that is believed to contain high vitamin C and can be used as an antioxidant in counteracting all free radicals and increase the immune system for pregnant women.

3. Helps regulate body weight
In pregnant women is usually a natural thing if weight gain is a constant, because there is a baby in pregnant women also gain weight. But the weight gain of pregnant women is not normal or too fat is not good for pregnant women and can cause problems during childbirth later. Therefore, many pregnant women were told to diet. One good way for pregnant women to diet is to eat the kiwi fruit. Kiwi fruit is known to contain low glikemiks index, but the fiber content in them is very high. Therefore, it can bind more fat than the other pieces that can be easy to make the body lean.

4. Digestion
Because the kiwi fruit also contains a lot of fiber means can be used for pregnant women who have digestive problems. Digestive problems are also often hit the pregnant women you know, and this is not good for the development of the fetus in the stomach. You can cultivate kiwi fruit into juice or other preparations that can make you become more healthy digestion.

5. Help cope with nausea
Kiwi fruit benefits for pregnant women are also able to reduce nausea during pregnancy. Nausea in early pregnancy is a common thing experienced by pregnant women due to hormonal changes in the body of pregnant women and the way the body to adjust for these changes is with this nausea. In kiwifruit are a B vitamin that can help relieve nausea so that pregnant women can be more easily absorb food and beverages.

6. Help overcome the problem of hypertension in pregnancy
According to some research done to get the result that kiwifruit could be an alternative treatment for those who have high blood pressure. High blood pressure is also often experienced by pregnant women, and if pregnant women develop high blood pressure is dangerous because it can inhibit the growth and development of the fetus and could lead to the risk of premature birth.

7. Helps overcome skin problems
Due to hormonal changes in the body of pregnant women, usually pregnant women will experience some skin problems such as pimples, blackheads, dark spots and others. Moreover, when the pregnancy of pregnant women should not use cosmetics that are not exposed to chemicals. Nutrient content in the kiwi fruit is very good for skin health.

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