Monday, November 9, 2015

Fennel as an Herbal Remedy for Kidney Stone Crushers

Fennel as an Herbal Remedy for Kidney Stone Crushers - As reviewed in a previous article (read: Fennel Benefits for Health), the fennel plant has many properties in the world of medicine, one of which helped break down kidney stones. Part of the plant that has this capability is the fruit of fennel.

In the fennel fruit oil contains fennel consisting of essential oils, fatty oils, waxes, sugar, Umbelliferon, and Stigmasterin. All these components may provide benefits for treating a number of diseases that you have suffered, one of them can be used as a traditional medicine kidney stones.
Fennel as an Herbal Remedy for Kidney Stone Crushers

Benefits of Fennel as a Laxative Medicine for Kidney Stones
Kidney stones are hard masses that form in the kidneys or in the bladder. The effects when you contract the disease is the onset of pain when urinating, a blockage of urine flow, and is usually accompanied by bleeding due to injury to the urinary tract. To fix this, you can take advantage of medical treatment, or the use of herbal medicines are widely available in the market. One kidney stone herbal remedies that you can use that powder from the seeds of fennel.

Of the few studies that have been done, the result that fennel powder has the ability to destroy kidney stones. Some substances and compounds in it helped break down kidney stones and remove it through the means of disposal when you urinate.

To make the fruit of fennel pollen as an herbal remedy kidney stones, is easy enough. You live mixing 5 grams of powdered fennel with a glass of hot water. Then drink the potion when cold one glass a day. Perform routine until you suffer illness cured.


  1. Reducing kidney stone development is important, and something that can be done in a variety of

    natural ways including using essential oils essential oils for kidney stones

  2. Can we take it with warm milk?

  3. can fennel seeds be taken in whole without powdering it? I have kidney stones in both kidneys but i noticed slight pain after having it whole.