Friday, November 6, 2015

Benefits Shallots as Medicinal Plants

Benefits Shallots as Medicinal Plants - Onion or Shallots is one kind of plant where its use can be found in almost all kinds of cuisines, both local and foreign food. Besides as a spice, it turns red onion can also act as a medicinal plant.

Benefits Shallots as Medicinal Plants

Efficacy Onion / Shallots for health
Many properties of onion can be used to treat a number of diseases, among others:

  • The nature of the oil contained in the water red onion can be used to kill some microbe’s staphylococci, streptococci which microbes are also a type of inflammatory disease-causing microbes in the piston and oesophagus. Diphtheria can kill microbes, amoebic dysentery and tuberculosis microbes. How to use is by the smell or eat it.
  • Can minimize blood clotting, how to eat raw onion bulbs are mixed with cheese.
  • Making it as a compress to cure diseases from the outside. The trick is to cut up the onion into small pieces then heated. How to compress, namely the use by putting them on the parts of the body that will be treated, and then tie it. This compresses replaced every 12 hours. Some diseases that can be cured in this way include: whooping cough and pneumonia. Place the compress on the chest. Smooth urination, put a compress on the kidney / bladder. For interference in the regulatory function of blood, put a compress on the top of the foot. Dirty blood and pus, put a compress on the wound.
  • Eliminates the pain in the body parts injured by utilizing the juice of onion.
  • Eliminates cracking at the nipple. The trick onion mashed and mixed with olive oil, then applied the skin gets chapped.
  • Cure intestinal worms in children. The trick is to give the child drinks the result of steeping of the pieces of onion which has been stored for one night. Before drunk, first add a little honey into the brew.
  • Eliminate dizziness and sensitize people fainted. The trick with raw onion closer to the patient's nose.
  • Helps eliminate the "fish eye" on the legs.
  • Other usability red onions that can be used to lower blood sugar levels. Can also be used to cure the flu.

Now, you already know about the benefits of the onion or shallots as herbs. So, make use of medicinal plants around us for the health of us all.

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