Friday, November 27, 2015

Chest Pain in the Right Potential Heart Disease

Right chest pain could be associated with a heart attack. Although heart attacks are generally felt on the left, right chest pain still need to be considered because it could indicate serious health problems.

Right chest pain less attention because people concentrate on the heart in the left chest. Though right chest pain associated with several serious diseases which afflict the body, especially in the elderly.

Chest Pain in the Right Potential Heart Disease

Sign Perceived Body
There are some physical symptoms that can be felt when a person experiencing chest pains right, namely:
  • Pain in the chest when changing body position.
  • Burning sensation in the chest or behind the breastbone.
  • Pain in the chest stung.
  • Chest feels like squeezing, pressure, and tightness.
  • Pain when breathing, especially when lying down.
  • Feels backflow of the gastrointestinal tract in the mouth.

Conditions Chest Pain Related to the Right
Here are some of the causes of pain in the right chest:
  • A viral infection that causes colds and coughs can be responsible for the onset of pain in the right chest. The pain will be increasingly felt when coughing and perform deep breathing.
  • Stress can aggravate digestive tract disorders. If the gastrointestinal tract is disrupted can trigger pain in the right chest.
  • Sports or activities that involve excessive chest muscle can cause chest pain right. This pain usually comes from muscle pain and worsened when right pectoral muscle is moved.
  • Lung problems that can cause chest pain, among others, the right part is pneumonia or pleurisy and lung tissue infection or inflammation of the lining of the lung. There is also a pneumothorax, a condition lung collapsed because of external trauma so that the air pressure in the lungs and troubled breathing. Embolism or blockage of blood vessels in the lungs can also make the right chest pain.
  • Inflammation of the liver or hepatitis has also become one of the medical conditions responsible for the emergence of right chest pain. Location of the liver adjacent to the chest wall right is the cause why the right chest hurt when heart experiencing serious problems.
  • Injuries to bones, muscles, and nerves can also cause chest pain right. A broken right rib cage will lead right chest pain, especially when breathing and coughing. Muscles and tendons are located right in between the ribs can also be injured because of coughing too hard or movements that cause pain right chest.
  • Digestive problems can also cause chest pain right. For example, GERD or acid reflux can cause pain and tenderness in the right chest because of the esophagus and the heart share the same neural networks. Inflammation of the pancreas also causes pain in the lower right of the chest especially when lying down. The pain caused by inflammation of the pancreas will get better every time leaning forward facing. In addition, gastric ulcer also has the potential to make a right chest pain.

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