Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Healthy for life

Natural Health Tips to keep it quite easily accustomed to the daily. Each person would want to live a healthy life while performing daily activities together with loved ones. Healthy life starting from yourself, how good you are as an individual matter or if the leader can not lead his own body, then you are not worthy to say as a leader. Therefore, protecting the body's health is a top priority.

 Here are some practical tips for implementing a healthier lifestyle:

1. Expand Drinking Water
Healthy lifestyle is indeed a bit difficult to run because not a few people are reluctant to drink water that has no taste. Remember that water is the best drink of all drinks that we know. Do habit to drink water at least 6-8 glasses of water every day to protect the health of the kidneys and urinary tract. You can also give a squeeze of lemon juice to help remove toxins in the body.

2. Cleanliness
Hygiene is essential in realizing a healthy life, for example from a bath 2 times a day, wash hands before eating, keep the area clean bathroom, brushed her teeth when waking up and before going to bed, to tidy bedroom. The overall cleanliness of the house can always be the size of the character of the dwelling and if all the room was dirty, it means how the owner of the house.

3. Breathe in the fresh air
With a breath of fresh air means you protect lung health. We do not need to go to the mountains or the countryside just a place to get clean air. Such a healthy lifestyle you can do every morning and trying to avoid the polluted air such as cigarette smoke. In addition, we must also pay attention to the cleanliness of home furnishings for example a fan, Ac and others.

4. Sports
Do not unduly concentrate on your work. A time moment for refreshing / refreshment and exercise. Because in addition to the muscles can also reduce fatigue and avoid stress. Healthy lifestyle with exercise is effective for all age groups.

5. Expand fiber during breakfast
Enough fiber at breakfast make the stomach full until lunch time arrives. These tips can be tricked by eating cereal or oatmeal combined pieces of fruit such as banana and strawberry. If the cereals are not available, the bread might as successor. Choose bread made from wheat flour and served with peanut butter or fruit jam.

6. Eat fresh fruits
Did you know the best time to eat fruit that is the main menu when you're eating or before eating? If we take the fruits after eating the energy that comes from the fruit becomes useless, stored in the body and unused.

7. Serve beans
All types of nuts (almonds, peanuts and walnuts) are a source of omega-3 fatty acids omega 3 fatty acid substance is a nutrient the body needs good fats. In addition, fatty acids can also make the hair, skin, and nails always healthy.

8. Sleep / Rest
Rest is a matter of restoring the freshness of the body with relaxation or sleep. Everyone should arrange a time for a break. Try to remember when people get sick it would require quite a break, otherwise how? The disease can recur again. With so a compulsory break for our health.

9. Reduce the drink contains sugar
Try to reduce the drinks that contain sugar because sugar can accelerate the effects of aging, obesity generally causes the accumulation of fat in the liver. Better to use natural sweeteners like brown sugar instead of white sugar.

10. Limit greasy foods such as fried
Reduce eating too many fried foods and limit nutrients that have a high fat and protein content of offal.

11. Create a healthy environment
Life pattern can be formed by the surrounding environment. If you want to change the pattern of life must be initiated from the everyday environment. Just as meaningful someone always healthy to have a lot of colleagues / neighbors who want to make a healthy living habit.

12. Changing patterns of Thought
The case is fundamental to have a healthy lifestyle and to change the mindset to serious proclaimed healthy living. Strict discipline of applying the principles of healthy lifestyle habit in practice in daily life such as religion. Getting to know and communicate with people or someone who can really realize the importance of precedent in healthy living.

13. Positive Thinking and Refrain from Stress
Always positive thinking can make you happy and to realize the spiritual health is maintained. Think ahead, be optimistic and do not forget to be grateful for the blessings of God. Say hello to a brighter tomorrow.

So this is a few tips to maintain health naturally every day, I hope hopefully this article can be useful for us all