Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Liquorice herbs for Ulcer

Liquorice is Glycyrrhiza glabra root, is a kind of legumes plants originating from southern Europe and some parts of Asia. Liquorice grows well in deep soil, fertile enough water and in a climate full of sun. Its leaves can amount to 9-17 strands in one branch. Liquorice grows like a shrub in parts of southern Europe (Glycyrrhiza glabra).
Liquorice herbs for Ulcer

Liquorice extract obtained by boiling the roots of plants and evaporate the water, can be sold in the form of powder or syrup (liquid). Substances contained in it is glycyrrhizin, saponins, glycosides likuiritin, asparagine, umbeliferona, glabrolida, glucose, sucrose, acid likuiritat, hidroksiglisirhitat acid, bitter substances, essential oils, and asparagines.

Liquorice herbs for Ulcer and cough treatment:
Cough: prepare liquorice 1.5 grams, 8 grams of rhizome, 3 pieces of betel leaf, and water 130 ml. Potions made ​​infusions. Taken 2 times a day, morning and evening before eating, drinking 100 ml each time. Repeated until healed.

Ulcer: liquorice 3 grams, 4 grams of turmeric rhizome, and water 130 ml. Infusion or brewed concoction made. Taken 2 times a day, morning and afternoon. Every time I drank 100 ml. repeated for 14 days. For patients who can not stand the heat of saffron, herbs can be added to dilute the water, is deposited first and then drink.

Dose that is too big and too long can result in the use hipoklamia.

Herbs for Bronchitis

Herbs for bronchitis is a way to overcome the bronchitis disease with naturally without chemical drugs. Bronchitis is an inflammation of the bronchi (the respiratory system that transports oxygen to the lungs) to remove the mucus. Mucus will trigger a cough to get rid of excess mucus. Bronchitis is characterized by persistent cough accompanied by sputum and blood spots.
Herbs for Bronchitis

Acute bronchitis, caused by colds and flu, which will generally recover in 1-2 weeks, while the cause of chronic bronchitis is irritants, smoking, respiratory infections, or allergy.

Herbs for Bronchitis, among others:
Herbs for bronchitis 1
Boil 25 grams of peanut with 600 cc of water until the water thickens, strain the mixture and then add brown sugar to taste. Drink while warm. Regular consumption of 2 times a day. Performed 10-12 days after treatment was stopped for 3 days. After that, treatment can be resumed.

Herbs for bronchitis 2
Cactus flattened as much as 30 grams of peeled, sliced, and then adds rock sugar to taste and boil with enough water.
Usage: Drink while warm. Regular consumption of 2 times a day. Performed 10-12 days after treatment was stopped for 3 days. After that, treatment can be resumed.

Herbs for bronchitis 3
15 grams of ginger and 30 grams of leaves of gotu kola / antanan sliced, and then boiled in 500 cc of water to the remaining 250 cc.
Usage: Drink while warm. Regular consumption of 2 times a day. Performed 10-12 days after treatment was stopped for 3 days. After that, treatment can be resumed.

Herbs for bronchitis 4
1 banana, 1 pear, ¼ pineapple, and 1 teaspoon salt blended and then drunk.
Usage: regularly 2 times a day. Having carried out for 10-12 days, treatment was stopped for 3 days. After that, treatment can be resumed.

Herbs for bronchitis 5
The roots eggplant are dried and then milled until the into a powder. A total of 10-15 grams of powdered root of eggplant brewed with hot water to taste, stir, and then drink.
Usage: regularly 2 times a day. Having performed for 10-12 days, treatment was stopped for 3 days. After that, treatment can be resumed.

Herbs for bronchitis 6
Add honey to taste with 3 fresh persimmon fruit (peeled and cut into pieces), then boiled with enough water. The water is warm and persimmon drinks while eating.
Usage: regularly 2 times a day. Having performed for 10-12 days, treatment was stopped for 3 days. After that, treatment can be resumed.

Herbs for bronchitis 7
Boil 30 grams of thorns fresh spinach and salt to taste with water. Then the water was drunk while warm and spinach eaten.
Usage: regularly 2 times a day. Having performed for 10-12 days, treatment was stopped for 3 days. After that, treatment can be resumed.

Herbs for bronchitis  8
Rinse banyan leaves 75 grams and 18 grams of fresh mandarin orange peel, then braised with 3 water glasses until remaining 1 glass. After the mixture cool, strain and divide into 3 parts.
Use: Drink in the morning, noon and night. Do it for 10 days.

Herbs for bronchitis 9
1 gram seeds bungle, 5 grams of liquorice, 7 grams kaempferia galanga mashed, then mixed with 110 ml of boiled water, wring it out.
Use: Drink 1 times a day as much as 100 ml. Do it for 4 days.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fern Cactus for Herbal Hepatitis

Fern cactus (Euphorbia milii Ch.des Moulins) is an upright plant, reaching 1 m high, generally as an ornamental plant in gardens, containing sap. Brown stems, prickly rough. Single leaf with the tip of a round shape is more rounded eggs from the base, the edge of the flat, green colour. Stemmed flowers, there are single and there is a compound (called siatium Typical), colour variety, there are 0ranye, yellow, dice and so on.
Fern Cactus for Herbal Hepatitis

Pharmacological effects: bitter, astringent, neutral, slightly poisonous (toxic). Interest to stop the bleeding. Hemostatic, stems and leaves as an anti-swelling and anti-inflammatory.

1. Interest: Functional uterine bleeding (menstrual bleeding
2. Trunk: Hepatitis.
3. Leaves: ulcer, inflammation of skin ulcers (Piodermi), scalded,

1. Functional uterine bleeding:
    10-15 fresh flowers, plus meat, boiled as a soup.

2. Ulcers and inflammation of skin ulcers:
    Fresh leaves are crushed, added brown sugar to taste,
    affixed to a hospital.

3. Hepatitis: 9-15 grams of stems of fresh, boiled, drinking water.

When arising diarrhea of excessive after taking this medicine, drink decoction of Glycyrrhiza uralensis (Gancao) as an antidote.

Sugarcane can Relieve Heart palpitations

Sugarcane (Sacharum officinarum, Linn.) including family Graminae or grass and breed in temperate areas of moderate to hot air. Sugarcane suitable in areas which have a height of 1 to 1300 meters above sea level. Each type has a cane rod sizes and different colours. Sugarcane including single seed plants. Height ranges from 2-4 meters of sugarcane plants the trunk consists of many segments of sugarcane as the seat leaves. The length of the leaves can reach lengths of 1-2 meters and 4-8 centimetres wide with a surface rough and hairy. Sugarcane in the form of interest compound interest. Moderate roots shaped fibers.
Sugarcane can Relieve Heart palpitations

Herbal plant sugarcane, among others:
Relieve heart palpitations
     Ingredients: 3 handheld black cane roots;
     Method: washed and boiled with 2 cups of water until
     Boil down to 1 cup;
     How to use: drinked 2 times a day.

     Ingredients: black cane to taste;
     Method: squeezed to take water
     How to use: drink.

     Ingredients: 3-5 vertebra black sugarcane;
     Methods: sipped and drunk the water.
     How to use: baked, then peeled and squeezed to take water.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Halia to Preventing Impotence

Halia (Zingeber officinale) is a wild plant in the fields that have a content of the soil slightly moist (damp) and gain a lot of sunlight. Halia including an annual herbaceous plant species. The characteristics of these plants, among others, has an upright stem, root fibers and bulbous with a horizontal rhizome. Medium size halia rhizome plants are largely determined by varitas. Rhizome rather thick-skinned halia wrap meat and fibrous tubers that have a brown colour with a distinctive aroma.
Halia to Preventing Impotence

Elliptic leaf shape and not very wide. The flowers are panicle shaped and have two sexes as well as having a three stamens and pistils of flowers. Halia flowers appear in axillary leaves with a sitting position. Halia is a plant to tropical and subtropical areas suitable to be planted in the lowland plateau (1500 meters above sea level). Halia trunked wet and probably derived from the PRC and India. Halia can achieve high ranging from 0.75 to 1 meter.

Substances found in halia (Zingeber officinale) rhizome especially, among others, contains essential oils, resins, minerals, sineol, fellandren, camphor, borneo, zingiberin, zingiberol, gingerol, zingeron, lipidas, amino acids, niacin, vitamin A and of protein.

Halia herbs for treatment, among others:
Rheumatic and Gout: halia root rhizome taste burnt, then washed and in the stomach. Herb paste on the sick and performed regularly until healed.

Preventing Impotence: 2 halia root rhizome of thumb, an orange juice, chicken 1 egg, 1 teaspoon coffee powder, 1 tablespoon soy sauce, 1 tablespoon honey, and the tip of a teaspoon of pepper powder. halia root grated and squeezed with 1 cup cooking water, then filtered; lime split and squeezed to take water, raw chicken egg yolk is broken down and taken, then is mixed with all other ingredients and stir until evenly distributed. Drink a potion carried out regularly once a week.

Back Pain and sprains: 4-8 halia rhizome tuber of your thumb size and tamarind fruit that is ripe enough. Grated halia root and mix with sour Java fruit until evenly distributed. Concoction smeared on the body that feels pain.

Tired: 2 halia rhizome root of your thumb size and dairy milk to taste. Halia root baked and cleaned then boiled along with milk dairy. Usual drink potions.

Headaches: 2-3 pieces of halia leaves, finely ground and added a little water. Herb used as a compress forehead.

Cough: 2-3 halia rhizome root of your thumb size. Boiled with 2 cups water to boil down to 1 cup. Potion drink 1 cup 2 times a day, morning and afternoon.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Herbs for constipation

Constipation is a state of delay or difficulty emptying the contents of the stomach caused by fecal volume is too loud or too small. Constipation is usually caused by the habit of eating foods low in fiber and water content or the habit of ignoring the desire to defecate. Constipation severe enough also called obstipation. And obstipation severe enough can cause colon cancer is fatal to the sufferer.
Herbs for constipation

Herbs for constipation, among others:
Herbs for constipation 1:
Prepare the leaves of sweet potato as much as 60 grams and boil with enough water then the water is drunk while warm and the leaves can be eaten.

Herbs for constipation 2:
Prepare 30 grams of leaves alamanda, boiled with enough water, and then drink the water while warm.

Herbs for constipation 3:
Eat as much as 150 grams of ripe papaya fruit.
Usage: regularly 2 times a day.

Herbs for constipation 4:
10 grams of powder temu lawak brewed with 200 ml of warm water and drunk.
Usage: regularly 2 times a day.

Herbs for constipation 5:
Rinse papaya fruit 300 grams, 200 grams of pineapple half cooked, then puree in a blender, add water as much as 200 ml.
Usage: Drink once. Alternatively, the material is eaten as fresh fruit.

Herbs for constipation 6:
100 grams of leaf aloe vera that has been peeled and cut into small slices, boiled with 200 ml of water until boiling, then add 1 tablespoon of honey.
Usage: Drink warm and eat leaves crocodile tongues. Apply 2 times a day.

Herbs for constipation 7:
Wash sweet potato leaves 60 grams and 60 grams spinach and stir-fry or boil with enough water.
Usage: Eating well

Friday, November 25, 2011

Herbal Cough remedy

If you want to mix your own herbal cough remedy, combine the ingredients needed to become a medicinal herb useful as a cough suppressant, reducing bronchial secretions, or respiratory stimulant and booster discharge of phlegm. No difference herbal cough remedy with cough medicine sold freely in pharmacies or drug stores. 
Herbal Cough remedy

Cough is the body's reaction if there are foreign substances that stimulate the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. Cough often because itching in the throat that stimulates the patient wheezes.
Cough can also arise because of inflammation in the branches of the oesophagus and lungs, the virus, whooping cough, and others.

herbal cough remedy, among others:
Herbal cough remedy potions 1
10 grams of dried mandarin orange peel and 25 grams kaempferia galanga (sliced thin) boiled with 400 cc of water to the remaining 200 cc, then the water is drunk while warm.
Usage: Take 2 times a day

Herbal cough remedy potions 2
10 pieces of betel leaves boiled with 400 cc of water to the remaining 200 cc, then the water is drunk while warm.
Usage: Take 2 times a day

Herbal cough remedy potions 3 
10 grams of dried mandarin orange peel and 250 grams of fresh boiled squash with the remaining 600 cc to 300 cc, and then drink while warm.
Usage: Take 2 times a day

Herbal cough remedy potions 4
10 grams of fresh roses and rock sugar to taste steamed and then drunk.
Usage: Take 2 times a day

Herbal cough remedy potions 5
Blend the ingredients in the form of 4 grams of onion bulbs, 4 grams of fresh leaf poko, 3 grams of fresh leaves Sembung, 4 grams of fresh herbs grip, and 2 grams of fennel fruit and 125 ml of water. Add the water. Infusion is made or manufactured pills
Usage: Drink a day 1 time in the morning as much as 100 ml. When crushed, drink 1 a day as much as ¼ cups. If you created a pill, drink 3 times a day as much as 9 pills. Treatment was repeated for 14 days

Herbal cough remedy potions 6
One handheld starfruit flower and a piece of rock sugar boiled with 1 cup water to boiling and the only remaining ½ cup of water.
Use: Drink in the morning and evening routine.

Herbal cough remedy potions 7
Rinse flowers 25 starfruit, a meeting dribbles finger rhizome, cinnamon bark 1 finger, 1 finger rhizome kaempferia galanga, 2 spring onions, ¼ handheld gotu kola, sage leaves ¼ handheld, handheld leaf ingu ¼, and ¼ spoon handheld leaf. Then the material is cut into pieces, then boiled with 5 cups water until the remaining 2 ¼ cups. After the cold filtered.
Use: Drinking with the addition of honey 3 times daily as needed. Each drinks as much as ¾ cup herb.

Herbal cough remedy potions 8 (for cough in children)
One handheld starfruit flower, a few grains of fennel, sugar to taste, a cup of water and steamed for several hours. Once cool, filtered using a piece of cloth.
Usage: Drink 2 times a day, morning and evening on an empty stomach.

Herbal Flu Remedy

Flu is a respiratory disease characterized by sudden fever, aching muscles, the body feels cold, headache, cough, runny nose, and the body feels weak. Flu is caused by influenza viruses. Influenza is very contagious and usually contagious as the cold / damp, i.e. during the rainy season.
Herbal Flu Remedy
When in good body condition, influenza attacks will not cause a result that is too heavy. But when the body condition is weak, easily attack the influenza virus and result in serious condition which if not immediately resolved to attack the brain and cause symptoms such as pain in the head, insomnia, decreased consciousness, seizures, mental depression, nerve inflammation, and others.

Herbal flu remedy , among others:
Herbal flu remedy potions 1
15 grams of ginger and 2 white leeks boiled with 400 cc of water to the remaining 200 cc, then the water is drunk while warm.
Usage: Take 2 times a day

Herbal flu remedy potions 2
10 grams of garlic, red onion 10 grams and 10 grams of ginger sliced and brewed with boiling water and then the place were closed for 15 minutes. After that, his ginger discarded, while the garlic and red onions can be eaten and water drunk. Usage: Take 2 times a day

Herbal flu remedy potions 3
30-60 grams of mustard and 10-15 grams of garlic boiled with enough water then the water is drunk while warm.
Usage: Take 2 times a day

Herbal flu remedy potions 4
60 grams of mustard and 15 grams of garlic boiled with enough water, then drink while warm boiled water.
Usage: Take 2 times a day

Herbal flu remedy potions 5
Squeeze a lime fruit is juicy ripe, then pour boiling water with 60 ml of hot water.
Usage: Drink once while warm.

Herbal flu remedy potions 6
Rinse gandola 15 grams of fresh leaves, then boiled with 2 cups of water until remaining 1 glass. Once cool, strain and add a little salt, stirring until dissolved.
Usage: Drink once.

Herbal flu remedy potions 7
¼ grated coconut and 1 grain kaempferia galanga rhizome of thumb size, then mix. After that, add 1 cup of boiled water, then squeeze.
Usage: Drink one a day.

Herbal flu remedy potions 8
Prepare a 2.5 cm ginger (peeled and grated), ½ teaspoon dried chilli powder, 2 tablespoons lemon juice, 1-2 cloves garlic (finely ground), and honey to taste. Boil ginger in 2 cups water, reduce the heat and let stand for 5 minutes. Add chilli powder and boil again for 1 minute. Pick up potions, and then add lemon juice, garlic, and honey. Let stand a minute, then strain.
Usage: Drink warm.

Herbal flu remedy potions 9
Boil 100 grams of fresh ginger sliced along with 1 stick of cinnamon broken up, 1 teaspoon coriander, 3 cloves, and 1 slice of lemon with 500 ml of water. After boiling let stand for 15 minutes. Remove and strain. To add flavour, you can add honey.
Usage: Drink warm, 1 cup every 2 hours.

Spinach Herbs for Colon Cancer

Spinach (Amaranthus tricolor L.) is a year herbaceous, erect or somewhat inclined, height 0.4 to 1 meter, and forked. Stem weak and watery. Stemmed leaves, oval-shaped, weakness, 5-8 cm long, and it's green, red, or green vaginal discharge. Interest in the skein of meetings, sitting at the bottom of the armpit, the top gathered into a bouquet of flowers at the end of the shaft and arm branching. Flower-shaped grains.
Spinach Herbs for Colon Cancer

Spinach originated from tropical America. Until now, this plant has spread in tropical and subtropical regions around the world. In Indonesia, spinach can be grown all year round and is found at an altitude of 5-2000 feet above sea level, to grow in hot and cold, but grew more fertile. Lowland on open land where the air is rather hot. There are three varieties of spinach that is included in Amaranthus tricolor, namely ordinary green spinach, red spinach (Blitum rubrum), which stems and leaves are red, white and spinach (Blitum album), a whitish green.

A treatable disease:
In general, spinach plants increases bile production and digestion. The roots of red spinach efficacious as cure dysentery. Spinach including fibrous vegetables that can be used to expedite the process of defecation. Fibrous food is highly recommended to be consumed by patients with colon cancer, people with diabetes, high blood cholesterol, and lose weight.

Spinach herbs for treatment, among others:
Wash three handfuls of spinach leaves red, then mash until smooth. Add one tablespoon of lemon juice, then strain. Next, add one tablespoon of honey and a chicken egg yolk and stir until smooth, then this herb is taken and treatment is done once a day for a week. Furthermore, treatment can be done twice weekly until healed.

Wash the roots of 10 stems of red spinach thoroughly, then mash until smooth. Add the tip of a teaspoon of fine salt, stirring rate, and then strain. For treatment, drinking water filters as well.

Strengthens the hair roots
Wash the leaves and stems of one bunch fresh spinach thoroughly, then mash until smooth. Add the tip of a teaspoon of fine salt, stirring rate. Next, squeeze and strain, and drink as well. Do it 2-3 times a week.

Patients with blood uric acid levels are high enough and Rheumatic Gout spinach are prohibited from taking too much because these vegetables contain a fairly high purine. In the body, will be metabolized purines into uric acid.

For treatment, red spinach is considered more nutritious than spinach green. Spinach contains proteins, fats, carbohydrates, potassium, iron, amarantin, routine, purines, and vitamins (A, B and C).

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Epiphyte as Anticancer

Epiphyte (loranthus) is a type of plant whose lives do not require soil media. These plants live as parasites, attached to the branches of another tree and suck mineral that dissolve in the tree. Flowers unisexual mistletoe fruit seeds contain latex. These plants reproduce by animals or birds that eat mistletoe fruit seeds such. Then the seeds are attached to the branch of mistletoe wood branches along with bird droppings that eat them, and grew up in the branches of it. 
Epiphyte as Anticancer

Epiphyte that attaches to certain plants, such as tea (Camellia Sinensis from familia plant theaceae) based on the experience can be used as anticancer drugs. Parasites that attach to the lime tree (Citrus aurantifolia from familia plant Rutaceae) can be used as an herb to cure tonsil and common types of parasites can be used as a drug against measles. 

Epiphyte herbs for treatment, among others: 
Tumors and Cancer 
Ingredients: 1-2 stem epiphyte that attaches to a tea tree, 1 reed grass stems, fennel
How to make: all ingredients boiled in 3 cups water to boiling then filtered. 
How to use: drinked 1 times one day ½ cups. 

Ingredients: 1 stick epiphyte that attaches to a lime tree, fennel
How to make: the second material is boiled in 3 cups of water until boiling, then filtered.                                                                                                                                     
How to use: drinked 1 times one day ½ cups. 

Ingredients: 1-2 epiphyte bars, fennel
How to make: The second ingredient is crushed together until smoother. 
How to use: used as a powder for a taxable measles.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Handle Asthma with Sandalwood Herbs

Sandalwood (Santalum album L) is a plant form of trees, height between 12 and 15 yards. Coarse woody skin, grey. Growing up in a hot and dry soil, on the ground that a lot of chalk.
Handle Asthma with Sandalwood Herbs

Parts used wood. Content of sandalwood: Essential oils, hars, and tannic substances. Oil: Santalol (seskuiterpenalkohol), santalen (seskuiterpena), Santen, santenon, santalal, santalon, and isovalerilaldehida

Sandalwood herbs for treatment, among others:
Dysentery: sandalwood skin 2 grams, 5 grams of leaves Patikan Cina, Gambier bit and 100 ml water. Infusion made materials. Taken 2 times a day, morning and evening, every times drinks 100 ml. Repeated for 14 days.

Intestinal inflammation: sandalwood (powder), 2 teaspoon and 100 ml of boiling water. Then brewed ingredients. Taken 2 times a day, morning and evening, every times drinks 100 ml. Repeated for 14 days.

Asthma: Sandalwood (powder) to taste, young leaves of the Cape a few strands. Cape of young leaves chopped and then dried. Once dry add a little powdered Sandalwood, then made cigarettes. Smoked like cigarette smoke.

Cayenne pepper Natural Fertility boosters

The latest research results, cayenne pepper can reduce the tendency of blood clotting (thrombosis), lower cholesterol levels by reducing the production of cholesterol and triglycerides in the liver. In the reproductive system, the nature of the hot chilli pepper can relieve tension and pain caused by poor blood circulation. In addition, the content is quite high in antioxidants (like vitamin C and beta carotene), cayenne pepper can be used to natural fertility boosters, aphrodisiac, and slow the aging process. 
Cayenne pepper Natural Fertility boosters

Cayenne pepper (Capsicum frutescens L.) is an herbaceous plant a year, much branching, and 50-100 cm high. Single leaf, stemmed, alternating the location. Flowers out of the armpit leaves, crown form of stars, flowers single or 2-3 adjacent flowers, white, greenish white, sometimes purple. 

The fruit is erect, sometimes bent, oval-shaped, and straight or curved, pointed tip, 1-3 cm long, 2.5 to 12 mm wide, long-stemmed, and it was spicy. 

These plants come from tropical America, like the dry area, and found at altitudes from 0.5 to 1250 meters above sea level. The fruit contain capsaicin, kapsantin, carotenoids, alkaloids asiri, resins, oils evaporate, vitamins (A and C). Capsaicin gives spicy taste to the chilli, efficacious for blood flow. Seed contains solanine, solamidine, solamargine, solasodine, solasomine, and steroid saponins (kapsisidin). Kapsisidin efficacious as an antibiotic. All parts of plants can be used as a medicinal plant, such as fruits, roots, leaves and stems. 

Cayenne pepper herb for the treatment of, among others: 
Legs and arms limp (like lame): provide two tuber roots cayenne pepper, 15 pairs of chicken feet, 60 grams of peanuts, and 6 grains hung cao. Clean the materials and cut into pieces as needed. Add water and wine as much until the ingredients are completely submerged (approximately 1 cm above it). Next, the team potion. Once cool, strain and filter drinking water, twice a day, each half of the herb. 

Abdominal pain: wash young leaves, fresh chilli pepper to taste, then milled until smooth. Add a little whiting, and mix until blended. And apply the potion abdominal pain. 

Rheumatism: 10 pieces of ground cayenne pepper until smooth. Add 1 / 2 teaspoon of whiting and the juice of a lemon, and stir until blended. And apply the potion in the sick body. 

Frostbite: discard seeds of some fruit fresh chilli pepper, then milled into powder, and then smeared into a sore spot. 

Patients with gastrointestinal illness, sore throat, and eye pain are recommended to not consume chilli pepper.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Eclipta alba Herbs for Hair fertilizer

Eclipta alba are wild plants many-stemmed species, grown in the open like in the street, terrain, the edge of the gutter, from the coast to an altitude of 1500 m. above sea level. Plants reach 80 cm high, growing upright position. Trunk round brownish-green, slightly rough-haired white. Green leaf elongated oval shape, leaf tips pointed finely serrated edge or nearly flat, the second surface of the leaf-haired, feels a bit rough. Hump-shaped compound interest into small white colour. The fruit is elongated, flat, hard and hairy.
Eclipta alba Herbs for Hair fertilizer

Chemical properties and pharmacological effects eclipta alba: Sweet, sour, cool. Stop the bleeding. (Hemostatic), lower the heat (antipyretic), anti-toxins (antitoxic). This herb into the liver and kidney meridians. Chemical Ingredients: Ecliptine, AlfaTerthienylmethanol, 2 - (Buta-1 ,3-diynyl) -5 - (but-3-en-1-ynyl) thiophene, 2 - (Buta-1 ,3-diynyl) -5 - (4 -chloro-3-hydroxybut-1-ynyl) thiophene, 5 - (3-Buten-1-ynyl) -2.2 '-bithienyl-5'-methyl acetate, wedelolactone. Eclipta alba herbs for hair fertilizer.

Eclipta alba Herbs for treatment, among others:
Gum swelling: leaf eclipta alba fresh baked until dry, used as powder (with treatment). Apply powder to the place of the sick.

Hair fertilizer: 1 handful of crushed leaves eclipta alba, plus 2 cups water, strain. Water filters are condensed one night. How to use: wetted scalp with a massage, once a day.

Scab on the head: Eclipta alba sufficiently boiled, the water for washing the head, the waste is rubbed into sores. Or crushed fresh herbs, water applied to the sore feelings.

Whitish: 30 grams eclipta alba plus fresh juice (gravy) chicken steamed and drink.

Nosebleed: 1 handful fresh eclipta alba washed, and then crushed, squeezed. Water feelings plus 5 shots of white water, steamed so hot. Drink 2 times a day, after meals.

Diarrhea: 30 grams of fresh boiled eclipta alba, drinking.

Coughing blood: 60 grams of fresh eclipta alba crushed squeezed. Feelings of warm water poured boiling water, drink.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fragrant Pandan Herbs for Hair Care

Fragrant pandan (Pandanus amaryllifolius Roxb.) grown in the tropics and widely planted in the yard or in the garden. Pandan sometimes grows wild on the banks of the river, marsh edges, and in places a little damp, thrives from coastal areas to areas with an altitude of 500 m asl. Annual shrub, 1-2 m. High round rod with the former sitting leaves, branched, creeping, single root  out around the base of the stem and branches.
Fragrant Pandan Herbs for Hair Care

Single leaf, seated, with the base embrace the stem, composed of three lined up in a spiral line. Ribbon-shaped leaves, thin, smooth, sharp edge, flat edge, reinforced parallel, the length of 40-80 cm, width 3-5 cm long, the colour green. Compound interest, the shape of head, it's white. The stone fruit, hanging, spherical shape, diameter size 4 - 7.5 cm, wall-haired fruit, the colour orange.

Fragrant pandan leaves contain alkaloids, saponins, flavonoids, tannins, polyphenols, and dyestuffs.

Fragrant pandan Herbs for treatment, among others:
Weak nerves: fresh pandan leaves as much as 3 sheets washed and cut into small pieces. Boil with 3 cups water until the remaining 2 cups. After chilling filtered and drunk in the morning and afternoon, each 1 cup.

Rheumatism: fresh pandan leaves as much as 5 sheets and 20 sheets of lemon grass leaves. Washed until finely ground. Add the gandapura oil and eucalyptus oil  each 1 tablespoon. Stir until evenly as she kneaded. This herb is used to rub and massage the sore body parts.

Restlessness: fresh pandan leaves 2 pieces are washed and sliced thinly. Brewed with a glass of hot water. After cold-filtered, drink once. Do it 2-3 times a day, until calm.

Hair Care:
1. Hair loss: about 10 pieces of fresh young leaves of hibiscus, a handful of leaves eclipta alba , 5 mangkokan leaves, pandan leaves 1 sheet, 10 jasmine flowers, and a rosebud, after washed and cut into pieces to taste. These materials included in the email pot, then add sesame oil, coconut oil and hazelnut oil each 1 / 2 cup. Heat until boiling, then removed. After chilling filtered, ready for use. How, apply a mixture of oil was to the entire scalp with a light massage. Perform night before sleep, washing your hair the next morning. Do it 2-3 times a week.

2. Blacken hair: fragrant pandan leaves as much as 7 pieces of washed and cut into pieces. Boil with 1 litter of water until the colour is green.  Moisture water overnight before cooking. In the morning, mix the pandan leaf decoction with 3 noni fruit juice. Water mixture was then used to wash hair. Do 3 times a week, until you see the results.

3. Dandruff: fresh pandan leaves as much as 7 sheets washed and milled smoother. Add 1 / 2 cup water with a squeeze evenly. Squeeze and strain. Juice of pandan leaf is then applied to the entire scalp is dandruff. Allow to dry, if need to spread once again repeated. Approximately 1 / 2 - 1 hour later, the hair is rinsed with clean water. Do it every day until cured.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Peanut can help to Overcome Depression

Peanut (Arachis hypogea L) is a type of legume species of the family Fabaceae originating from South America. Peanuts are a kind of tropical plants. He was tall shrub grows 30 to 50 cm (1 to 1 ½ feet) and remove the small leaves. 

Peanut can help to Overcome Depression
Peanut are rich in fat, contain adequate protein, iron, vitamin E and calcium, vitamin B complex and Phosphorus, Vitamin A and K, lecithin, choline and calcium. Protein content in peanuts is much higher than meat, eggs and soya beans. Having a sweet taste and is widely used for making various types of cakes. 

Peanut contain Omega 3 fats that are polyunsaturated and Omega 9 which is a monounsaturated fat. In 1 ounce of peanuts contained 18 grams and 17 grams of Omega 3 Omega 9. Peanuts contain phytosterols which can actually lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, by holding the absorption of cholesterol from foods that are circulated in the blood and reduce the re-absorption of cholesterol from the liver, and maintain HDL cholesterol. Peanuts also contain arginine can stimulate the body to produce nitrogen monoxide, which works to fight the tuberculosis bacteria. 

Studies show peanut can be Helps Overcome Depression, lowering high blood pressure and cholesterol content in blood, memorable for the relief of disease hemophilia or easy bleeding tendency, whitish disease and insomnia. 

Benefits of peanuts 
1. Help Increase Fertility: peanuts contain folic acid. Women who have a daily intake of 400 micrograms of folic acid before and during early pregnancy reduce the risk of having babies born with serious neural tube defects by 70%. 

2. Adjust Blood Sugar Levels: a quarter cup of beans can supply the body with 35% of the value of the required daily manganese, a mineral that plays a role in the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates, calcium absorption, and blood sugar regulation. 

3. Helps Prevent Gallstones: nuts may help prevent gallstones. But 20 years of research have shown that eating 1 ounce of nuts, peanuts or peanut butter a week lowers the risk of developing gallstones by 25%. 

4. Helps Overcome Depression: peanuts are a source of tryptophan, an essential amino acid that is important for producing serotonin, one of the key brain chemical involved in mood regulation. When depression occurs, decrease the amount of serotonin can be released from nerve cells in the brain. Tryptophan may enhance the effects of antidepressant serotonin that, if there is an increasing amount of serotonin in the blood. 

5. Improve Memory brain: peanut vitamin B3 or niacin are beneficial for the health of normal brain function and enhance memory power. 

6. Controlling Cholesterol Levels: peanuts help lower and control cholesterol levels. 

7. Lowering Risk of Heart Disease: a number of studies have shown that consumption of nuts regularly associated with a reduced risk of heart disease. Peanuts are rich in monounsaturated fats and antioxidants such as oleic acid. Consuming a handful of peanuts and other legumes at least four times a week to reduce the risk of cardiovascular and coronary heart disease. 

8. Anticancer: phytosterol called beta-sitoserol found in grains, and legumes, including peanuts. Phytosterols not only protect against heart disease by blocking the absorption of cholesterol, they also protect against cancer by inhibiting tumour growth. 

9. Helps to Lose Weight: Eat nuts regularly can help you lose weight. 

Note: The peanut is not recommended for patients with breast cancer and who have acne problems.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Lotus Herbal Medicine for High Blood

Lotus plants (Nelumbo Nelumbium Druce) is a wonderful annual aquatic plant, native of mainland Asia. Aquatic plants that grows upright. Thick scaly rhizomes, growing creeper. Leaves and flowers come out directly from the rhizome attached to the mud at the bottom of the pool. Leaf blade width and round, supported by a long stalk and spherical diameter from 0.5 to 1 cm, 75-150 cm in length.

Lotus Herbal Medicine for High Blood
The flowers are fragrant, grows towering above the water surface with a long round and sturdy stems, 75-200 cm long flower stalks. 15-25 cm diameter flowers, stamens many yellow anthers, petals wide, there is an ankle and there is a double with pink, white and yellow.
Seeds are round like a peanut, found in fruit pits shaped like a wasp nest. Seeds that are old blackish green colour, age approximately 1 month after flowers bloom. Lotus herbal medicine for high blood.

Parts of lotus plants used: the whole plant. Rhizome, leaves and stalks, and flower stamens, seeds and flowers such as buffer honeycomb / sponge (receptacle), as well as the seeds sprout. Use fresh or dried.

Lotus herbs for treatment, among others:
Coughing up blood, vomiting blood: the lotus rhizome is washed and juiced, until collected 1 glass size 200 cc. Drink, do it for 3-5 consecutive days.

Nausea, diarrhea: 50 grams of lotus rhizome and 15 grams ginger washed and juiced or shredded, take the water. Drink, 3 times a day.

Dysentery: 50 grams of lotus rhizome and 10 grams ginger grated or juiced. Water was added feelings 10O cc of water, then heated to boiling. Once cool add 1 tablespoon of honey, stir and drink.

High blood pressure: 10 grams of lotus seeds and shoots lotus seeds 15 grams (Lien sim), boiled with 350 cc of water until remaining 200 cc. Drinking every day like tea.

Heat in is also beneficial for people with heart and liver: 100 grams of lotus rhizome fresh and 50 grams reed rhizome washed and cut into pieces to taste. Boiled with 500 cc of water until the remaining 250 cc. After chilling filtered, drinks such as tea.

Bleeding from the nose (nosebleeds): Segment lotus root is washed and juiced. The water dripped into the nose.