Monday, August 29, 2011

Efficacy of ginger (2)

Efficacy of Ginger, among others:

Make the stomach to be comfortable, and helps relieve stomach cramps 
issued a wind. 
Efficacy of ginger

Ginger also contains antioxidants that help neutralize the damaging effects of caused by free radicals in the body. 

Ginger as Medicine Practical 

Ginger is a natural pain reliever and can relieve pain 
rheumatism, headaches, and migraine. The trick, drink ginger ddecoction 3 times a day.  

Ginger leaves are also nutritious, among others, with crushed and given little water can used as a compress on headache medicine and can splashing to face people who are shivering. 

While the rhizome crushed and boiled in water boil for about ½ hour, then water can be drunk as a medicine to strengthen digestion and expel gas in it, treat liver swollen, cough and fever. 

To treat rheumatoid arthritis prepares 1 or 2 ginger rhizome. Heat the rhizome 
above the fire or coals and then crushed. Paste in the collision ginger 
rheumatism sore body parts. Another way is with mashing together of cloves, and placed on the body of rheumatism. 

Ginger can also be used to treat wounds because of blisters, stabbed a sharp object, exposed spines, falling, and snake bites. The trick crushed red ginger rhizome and add a little salt. Put on the injured body part. Mashed rhizomes can also be used as a liniment to itch because insect stings. 

Rhizome pounded, with a little salt, then placed on 
poisonous snake bite wound (only as first aid before the patient 
taken to the doctor)

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