Sunday, September 25, 2011

Medicinal Plants of Chilli Java

Chilli Java (piper retrofractum Vahl) a medicinal plant is closely rooted climbing shrubs. Forms such as betel plants, vines, climbing, twisting, and creeping things. The leaves are oval to oblong, base rounded or heart-shaped leaves, leaf tips pointed with glandular spots. Compound fruit ears, a long round or cylindrical shape, and edges shrink. Fruit is not old gray, then to green, then yellow, red, and soft. Aromatic spicy and sharp taste.
Medicinal Plants of Chilli Java
Chilli plants vines on a wall, fence, tree, vine or specially made. Planted in suitable soil is not damp and porous (many contain sand). Areas with an altitude of 000-600 meters above sea level is where its spread.

content of chilli Java:
Fruit: spicy substance piperine, palmatic acids, tetrahydropiperic acids, 1-undecylenyl-3, 4-methylenedioxy benzene, piperidine, essential oils, n-isobutyl-decatrans-2-trans-4-dienamide, and sesamin.
Roots: piperine, piplartine, and piperlonguminine.

Herbal chilli Java for treatment:
Strong medication or cleanse the uterus after childbirth: prepare 3 grams of dried chilli Java roots. Mash until smooth. Brewed with hot water and chill. Drink 1 a day.

Cough, disturbed digestion, bronchitis, seizures, fever after childbirth, and strengthen the lungs, stomach, and heart: dry 6 pieces of chilli Java is still raw. Finely crushed. Add a little water and drink with honey mixed.

Liver suffering from an enema: rhizome lempuyang crushed and squeezed the water. This potion would be more efficacious when mixed with a maximum of 3 pieces chilli Java.

Toothache: Java chilli fruit dried and turned into powder can be put into the cavities or tooth pain.

Other Benefits: Java chilli dried fruit and used as powder, when mixed with boiled water and drunk, it can be to treat heartburn pain, vomiting, diarrhea, dysentery, runny nose, and headaches.

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