Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tips & Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine with ingredients from plants are generally held for generations. The use and very simple way of processing. Tools, materials, and the perpetrators should be clean and hygienic. In addition, there are things that should be in the know also to avoid things that are undesirable because of the use of this herb.
Tips & Herbal Medicine

Tips & herbal medicine things that should be considered include: 

1. Plant material
     Plant materials to be used for treatment should be fresh. If used dry, the material circumstances should be good. Avoid the use of materials exposed to dirt, damp, moldy, edible insects, or lying on a dirty place.
     We recommend that before use, the material was washed first with water until clean. The roots of plants containing the soil should be washed until there was no land.

2. Used equipment
     Spoons, glasses, pots boiling, filter, bottle, knife, or equipment used should be cleaned first. After use, tools should be cleaned again. In addition to cleaning equipment, drug dispensing actors should also keep hands clean and the room.

3. water
     A healthy water is water that is colorless, odorless, does not feel, and clear. Water used was a cook and clean water. However, if the herb should be boiled first then it can be used to clean raw water.

4. Term of Use
     herbs are generally prepared by boiling, pressing, or eaten raw.
Boiled herb should be stored for a day or 24 hours. If the potion is made from the juice without boiling, should only be stored for 12 hours.

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