Friday, September 30, 2011

Herbs Sprue with Boesenbergia pandurata Roxb.

Boesenbergia pandurata Roxb. Is an annual shrub. Height about 30 cm. The trunk is composed of leaf midrib, round-shaped. leaves to tip and to the base. Upper and lower surfaces smooth, not hairy. The flowers are tubular, upright and the upper curve. Roots thick, juicy, shaped like a worm. Rhizome grow horizontally and has vertebra. Medicinal plants to grow wild in the forests and fields. Boesenbergia pandurata Roxb. Can live in soil that contains clay.

Herbs Sprue with Boesenbergia pandurata Roxb.
Chemical substances contained in boesenbergia pandurata Roxb, among other things: essential oils (sineol, camphor, d-borneol,d-pinen seskuiterpene, zingiberen, curcumin, zedoarin), and starch.

Herbs for the treatment of:
Sprue and cough medications: rhizome boesenbergia pandurata Roxb. can be chewed. 

Difficult urination or abdominal bloating in children: rhizome boesenbergia pandurata Roxb. Shredded, and then mixed with fennel juice also been refined. Herbal concoction could to put the belly of in the child.

Ringworm: rhizome boesenbergia pandurata Roxb. Crushed, mixed with leaves and add a little water. Herbs can be placed on the affected part.

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