Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Urinary Stone Treatment with Avocado

Avocado plant is rich with a variety of chemical constituents that have been known, among others: 
Fruits and leaves contain: Saponins alkaloids and flavonoids. 
Fruits also contain tannins: leaves also contain polyphenols, and sugar alcohols quersetin persiit. 
Urinary Stone Treatment with Avocado
Avocado has the properties: Leaves: bitter taste. Seed: anti-inflammatory, analgesic. 
The results showed that the leaves have anti-bacterial inhibits the growth of several species of bacteria: Staphylococcus sp, Pseudomonas sp, sp and Bacillus sp Escherichea. 

Avocado herbal of treatments:

Urinary stones: 4 slices of avocado leaves, 3 pieces of rhizome puzzles, 5 stalk leaf cottonwoods, half pinag seeds, 1 nutmeg, 3 finger palm sugar, then washed with 3 gleas boiled water until the remaining 2 ¼ cups. After cold filtered, drink 3 times a ¾ cup. 

Sprue: A content (meat pieces) that are ripe avocados were 2sendok eat pure honey, stir evenly and then eat. Do it every day until cured. 

High blood pressure, headache: Three pieces of avocado leaves washed and brewed with 1 cup hot water. Drink when cool. 

Dry facial skin: its content, then crushed fruit is taken up as mush. Used to mask, in a way that dry polishing face. Face washed with water after a mask layer is dry. 

Toothache hole: The hole in the tooth to enter the avocado seed. 

Swelling due to inflammation: Powder from seed to taste plus a little water until dough like mush, and apply to the sick body. 

Diabetes: baked beans over the fire, cut into small pieces, then boiled with water until the water becomes brown. Strain and drink when cool. 

Avocado leaf tea: To relieve headache, swelling in the airways, nerve pain (neuralgia) and came irregular menstruation. 
Nerve pain and stomach pain: Leaves 3-6 sheets, brewed or boiled, drinking. 

Airway swelling, irregular periods: Leaves 3-6 sheets of brewed or boiled, drinking. 

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