Sunday, September 4, 2011

Benefits of Red Betel ( 2 )

To cure a cough, a total of 15 pieces of betel leaf with three glasses of boiled water to the remaining 3/4-nya, drink with honey.

Bronchitis medication, as many as seven pieces of betel leaf and one slice of boiled sugar cube with two glasses of water to the remaining one cup, drank daily 3 X 1 / 3 cup.

Benefits of Red Betel 
Eliminates body odor, five betel leaves boiled in two cups of water up into a glass, drank during the day.

Drug burns, water is squeezed fresh leaves, plus a little honey, Put in place burns.

Nosebleed, youngish single sheet leaves crushed, rolled to clog the nose bleed.

Boils, betel leaf sufficiently washed, ground into a smooth, smeared on boils around him, bandaged. Replaced twice a day.

Cope with itchy eyes and a red, five to six leaves boiled in one cup water to boiling. After the cold to wash the eyes by wearing glasses of water to boiling. After the cold to wash the eyes with eye wash wear glasses. Three times a day until healed.

To ulceration and itching, as many as 20 sheets of boiling, warm when used for washing.

Stop bleeding gums, four pieces of leaves boiled in two cups of water, used to gargle.

Ulcer drugs, fresh betel leaves as much as one to two sheets cleaned up, chewed until creamed, the waste is disposed.

To eliminate bad breath, as much as two to four leaves crushed, and brewed, is used to gargle.

Acne medication, seven to 10 pieces of betel leaf until finely ground, then brewed with two glasses of hot water. The water used to wash face with acne. A day made two to three times.

Drug whitish, as many as 10 leaves boiled with 2.5 liters of water, warm burrow used for washing the pubic.

To reduce the excessive production of milk, a few betel leaves smeared with coconut oil, warm over low heat until wilted, warm, stick around a swollen breast.

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