Sunday, September 25, 2011

Citronella Stiff Medicine

Citronella called Latin Cymbopogon nardus is the Poaceae family of plants that briefly looked like tall grass, but clumps of citronella and gather greater. Shaped leaves are straight, flat, about 1 meter length, width about 15 mm. parallel to the bone leaves, light green, sharp leaf edges and rough surface. Citronella like land near the water with loose soil. Citronella can be found growing wild on the banks of rivers, swamps, or irrigation canals.

Citronella contain essential oils consisting of geraniol,citronnelal,eugenol, methyl ether, sitral, in-penten, kadinen, kadinol, limonene.

Citronella Stiff Medicine
Citronella herbal plant:
Body feels stiff: 600 grams following citronella root. Boil the water. Boiling water used for bathing.

Cough syrup: 600 grams of fresh citronella dried. After that, boil with enough water. Drink boiled water citronella.

Aches or pains: citronella plants that have been distilled for the oil taken asiri. Citronella oil is rubbed on the affected part. Also, it can also be boiled fresh citronella with a little water, then mixed with water and applied to aching joints.

Headaches, stomach aches, diarrhea: some citronella oil drink immediately

That's some of the benefits of citronella, hopefully this article can be useful.

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