Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Herbs for Insomnia with Jasmine

Jasmine called Latin Jasminum sambac, growing and flowering well in the lowland to middle latitudes. Plant this shrub with oval to round bone leaves a clear, bright green to gray green. White-flowered, small and fragrant, rooted fibers, and difficult to be broken. 
Herbs for Insomnia with Jasmine

Jasmine many contained chemicals such as formic acid, acetic acid, benzoate, linalool, salicylat acid, linalool, benzyl esters, methyl esters of linalool, benzyl alcohol, indol, methyl anthranilate, sesquiterpene, sesquiterpenalcohol, phytol, isophytal, phytyalacetate, hexenyl benzoate, methyl palmitate, methyl linolenate, geranyl-linaloal, jasmine. 

Herbs jasmine is very beneficial for insomnia. In addition, jasmine can also be used to treat eye inflammation, increased milk production, and swelling caused by the bite of an animal 
Herbs jasmine for the treatment of: 

Insomnia: take root as much as 1 to 1.5 grams of jasmine, then washed. Pound the roots and add boiled water to taste, then filtered before drinking. 

Eye inflamed: picking jasmine flowers as much as 6 grams and boiled. Some drink boiled water and partly used to wash the eyes. 

Increase production of breast milk: take a taste of jasmine flowers and leaves. Crushed and then stick around the breast. Do this by replacing it several times a day. 

Swelling caused by insect bites: pick jasmine flowers and leaves to taste. Grind or mash smoothly. After that, stick to the swollen body 

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