Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tackle Kidney Stone with Sonchus arvensis

Sonchus arvensis is an herbaceous plant. High as 0.6 to 2 meters. Stem is round, hollow, ribbed, white and gummy. The leaves are oval-shaped single length is 6-48 cm, wide 3-12 cm. Flower colour yellow to a red. The fruit is hard, flat, yellowish brown and sturdy roots.

Tackle Kidney Stone with Sonchus arvensis
Medicinal plants are grown in areas with altitude of 50-1650 m above sea level. Medicinal plants usually grow wild in gardens, roadsides, or places that are not neglected. This medicinal plants contain lactucerol alpha-, beta-lactucerol, mannitol, inositol, silica, potassium, flavonoids, taraksasterol.

Sonchus arvensis herbs:
Boils: stems and leaves  sonchus arvensis washed until clean. Finely crushed before being blackmailed. Result herb can apply to the ulcer.

Kidney stones: 250 mg dry leaf sonchus arvensis, add 250 cc of water and then boiled. Water the stew taken 3 times daily until healed.
Gallbladder disease and gallstones: take 5 sonchus arvensis leaves and wash until clean. These leaves can be eaten as a salad.

Appendix infection, dysentery, hemorrhoids: cook 15-60 grams sonchus arvensis leaves. water the stew taken and then drink.

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