Thursday, September 22, 2011

Watercress can Neutralize Toxins in the Body

why watercress can neutralize toxins in the body? because Watercress indeed serve as a sedative (sedative) and capable of bringing nutritious substances into the digestive tract. That is why,  Watercress  has the ability to neutralize toxins in the body. 
Watercress cans Neutralize Toxins in the Body

Watercress (Ipomoea aquatica Forsk.) Belonging to family Convolvulaceae. Is a type of plant that includes the type of vegetables and planted as a food. 
There are two forms of  Watercress. Kale has leaves that are smooth and arrowhead-shaped, 5-6 inches long. This plant has a creeping stem with intermittent leaves and stems at the base of the leaf uprise. This plant produces colored pale green and white colored flowers, which produce a bag containing four seeds. There is also a kind of broad leaves and thin leaves. 

Watercress is a plant that grows fast and gives results within 4-6 weeks from the seed. Herbaceous plant annuals with a length of 30-50 cm are creeping on the mud and wet places like the edge of time, the marshes, or floating on the water. Commonly found in the lowlands to 1,000 m above sea level.

Watercress plant part is most important is the young stem and bud vegetables as ingredients. Pharmacological effects of this plant as an antidote (antitoksik), anti-inflammatory, diuretic, stop the bleeding  (Hemostatic), sedatives (sleeping pills). Medicinal plants have high nutrient content. In addition to vitamins A, B1, and C, also contains protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, and sitosterol. 

That the explanation why watercress can neutralize toxins in the body. I hope this article can add your insight on watercress plants.

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