Thursday, September 29, 2011

Anticancer substances in Catharanthus roseus L.

Catharanthus roseus L. is a shrub that is not too large, the height reached 120 cm. The trunk grows upright and highly branched, dark green leaves. The interest , there is a purplish red and some white. Plants from Central America, the growing spread in lowlands to a height of 800 meters above sea level. This herb commonly grows in a somewhat sheltered place and open place.
Anticancer substances in Catharanthus roseus L.

This herb contains over 70 kinds of alkaloids present in roots, stems, leaves, and seeds, including 28 bi-indole alkalaoid. Anticancer alkaloids: vinblastine (VLB), vincristine (VCR), leurosine (VLR), vincadioline, leurosidine, and catharanthine. Alkaloids lowering blood sugar: leurosine, catharanthine, lochnerine, tetrahyroals-tonine, vindoline, and vindolinine.

Herbal plant Catharanthus roseus L. :
Acute lymphocytic leukemia: drinking boiled water 15 grams of Catharanthus roseus L.
Burns: prepare some leaves, finely crushed with rice until mushy. result herb attach to the affected body part burns.
Other Benefits: herb Catharanthus roseus L.  suitable for curing hypertension and diabetes.

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