Monday, November 21, 2011

Eclipta alba Herbs for Hair fertilizer

Eclipta alba are wild plants many-stemmed species, grown in the open like in the street, terrain, the edge of the gutter, from the coast to an altitude of 1500 m. above sea level. Plants reach 80 cm high, growing upright position. Trunk round brownish-green, slightly rough-haired white. Green leaf elongated oval shape, leaf tips pointed finely serrated edge or nearly flat, the second surface of the leaf-haired, feels a bit rough. Hump-shaped compound interest into small white colour. The fruit is elongated, flat, hard and hairy.
Eclipta alba Herbs for Hair fertilizer

Chemical properties and pharmacological effects eclipta alba: Sweet, sour, cool. Stop the bleeding. (Hemostatic), lower the heat (antipyretic), anti-toxins (antitoxic). This herb into the liver and kidney meridians. Chemical Ingredients: Ecliptine, AlfaTerthienylmethanol, 2 - (Buta-1 ,3-diynyl) -5 - (but-3-en-1-ynyl) thiophene, 2 - (Buta-1 ,3-diynyl) -5 - (4 -chloro-3-hydroxybut-1-ynyl) thiophene, 5 - (3-Buten-1-ynyl) -2.2 '-bithienyl-5'-methyl acetate, wedelolactone. Eclipta alba herbs for hair fertilizer.

Eclipta alba Herbs for treatment, among others:
Gum swelling: leaf eclipta alba fresh baked until dry, used as powder (with treatment). Apply powder to the place of the sick.

Hair fertilizer: 1 handful of crushed leaves eclipta alba, plus 2 cups water, strain. Water filters are condensed one night. How to use: wetted scalp with a massage, once a day.

Scab on the head: Eclipta alba sufficiently boiled, the water for washing the head, the waste is rubbed into sores. Or crushed fresh herbs, water applied to the sore feelings.

Whitish: 30 grams eclipta alba plus fresh juice (gravy) chicken steamed and drink.

Nosebleed: 1 handful fresh eclipta alba washed, and then crushed, squeezed. Water feelings plus 5 shots of white water, steamed so hot. Drink 2 times a day, after meals.

Diarrhea: 30 grams of fresh boiled eclipta alba, drinking.

Coughing blood: 60 grams of fresh eclipta alba crushed squeezed. Feelings of warm water poured boiling water, drink.

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