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Long Beans Herbs for Back Pain and Constipation

Long bean is a plant which is used as vegetables or fresh vegetables. Long bean grew up with a way of climbing or twining. Part is used as vegetables or fresh vegetables are the staple fruit. In order to grow properly long beans require loose soil. Should the soil is still rich in organic material. PH value is suitable for long beans about 5.5. Long beans can be planted in cultivated land, wetland, or yard. Long beans should be planted at the beginning or end of the rainy season. Open land in the lowlands highly preferred crop beans. If there is shading the fruit production was much less.
Long Beans Herbs for Back Pain and Constipation

These plants grow and produce well in the lowlands and highlands of ± 1500 meters ASL, but the best in the lowlands. Planting in the highlands, harvesting is relatively old age of time of planting, production levels and productivity is lower when compared with the lowlands. Optimum height is less than 800 meters above sea level. Long beans herbs for back pain and constipation

In addition to the cuisine, it turns out long beans can also be used as drugs to treat some diseases such as such as: anti-cancer, breast cancer, leukaemia, antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant, urinary tract disorders, kidney stones, prevent abnormal antibodies, increased function of the spleen, increased pooling of DNA and RNA, increase red blood cell function, dengue fever, anaemia, back pain, rheumatism, swelling, increased appetite, and difficult defecation.

Ways of processing long beans to prevent and cope with some illnesses such as:

Swelling: 200 grams of long beans, 20 grams garlic, brown sugar to taste cooked into soup and eaten regularly.

Back pain: 200 grams of long bean seeds, red ginger 20 grams, 25 grams kaempferia galanga boiled with 500 cc of water to the remaining 200 cc of filtered water and drink.

Increase stamina, rapid fatigue: 100 grams long beans, five fruit angco seeded, 25 grams kaempferia galanga boiled with water until the remaining 600 cc 200 cc of water, strain and add honey to taste, water is taken, angco and edible nuts in length.

Kidney stones: 200 grams long  beans, 200 grams of asparagus blended with enough water until accommodated 200 cc and boil until the water boils and drink warm.

Less blood (anaemia): 200 grams long  beans, 100 grams of grapes, enough chicken liver cooked to taste, eaten regularly.
Increase appetite: 100 grams of beans, 40 grams of ginger, 3 pieces Kiam Boi / sun Boi boiled with enough water and then strain the water add honey to taste and drink.

Constipation: 200 grams long  beans, 100 grams of cooked sweet potato leaves to taste eaten regularly.

Anticancer: long beans, green beans, broccoli, carrots cooked to taste each one to stir with added spices until cooked, eaten regularly.

Note: Apply 2 times a day regularly and keep consulting a doctor

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