Thursday, November 17, 2011

Red onion Herbs for Fever in Children

Red onion (Allium cepa L.) plants are thought to originate from the region of Central Asia and Southeast Asia. Red onion flowers is a flower-shaped compound with 50-200 stemmed bunches of flowers. At the tip and base of the stems shrink and swell in the middle, shaped like a pipe with holes in it. Bunches of flower stalk is very long, taller than the leaves themselves and reach 30-50 cm. Including onion flowers are perfect flowers each flower are the stamens and anthers. Will the fruit is actually formed from three pieces of leaves called a carpel, which form three of space and in each room there are two candidate seed. The fruit is round with a blunt tip. Seeds slightly flattened shape. Onion seeds can be used as a generative plant propagation material.
Red onion Herbs for Fever in Children

Red onion contain vitamin C, potassium, fiber, and folic acid. In addition, red onions also contain calcium and iron. Shallots also contain natural plant growth regulators in the form of the hormone auxin and gibberellins. Other uses onion as traditional medicine, the onion is known as a drug because it contains antiseptic effect and compound alliin. The compound alliin by alliinase enzyme subsequently converted into pyruvic acid, ammonia, and as an anti microbe alliisin which is bactericidal.

The benefit for treating diseases such as:
- Cough
- Irregular menstruation
- Diabetes
- Helminthic
- Fever in children (topical)
- Abdominal bloating in children (topical)
- Able to prevent blood clotting
- Provide recovery opportunities in asthmatics
- Lowers blood pressure and fat levels in the blood
- Prevent the rise in blood sugar in people with diabetes mellitus

Cough: Prepare onion bulbs 4 grams, 4 grams of fresh leaf poko, leaf fresh Sembung 4 grams, fennel 2 grams and125 ml water. The trick with crushed, made infusions or pills and can be used once a day with a drink. Long treatment for 14 days.

Diabetes: Prepare onion bulbs (chopped) as much as 4 grams, bean (chopped) 15 grams, Syzygium polyanthum  (chopped) 10 pieces and 120 ml water. The trick is made intravenously and taken once 100 ml. Treatment 14 days old.

Fever: Stomach Bloating in Children: Bulbs Onion (thin slices) Coconut Oil to taste White Wood Oil Directions: knead. How to use: The oil is smeared on a bloated abdomen, whole body, legs, and hand in children with fever.

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