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Spinach Herbs for Colon Cancer

Spinach (Amaranthus tricolor L.) is a year herbaceous, erect or somewhat inclined, height 0.4 to 1 meter, and forked. Stem weak and watery. Stemmed leaves, oval-shaped, weakness, 5-8 cm long, and it's green, red, or green vaginal discharge. Interest in the skein of meetings, sitting at the bottom of the armpit, the top gathered into a bouquet of flowers at the end of the shaft and arm branching. Flower-shaped grains.
Spinach Herbs for Colon Cancer

Spinach originated from tropical America. Until now, this plant has spread in tropical and subtropical regions around the world. In Indonesia, spinach can be grown all year round and is found at an altitude of 5-2000 feet above sea level, to grow in hot and cold, but grew more fertile. Lowland on open land where the air is rather hot. There are three varieties of spinach that is included in Amaranthus tricolor, namely ordinary green spinach, red spinach (Blitum rubrum), which stems and leaves are red, white and spinach (Blitum album), a whitish green.

A treatable disease:
In general, spinach plants increases bile production and digestion. The roots of red spinach efficacious as cure dysentery. Spinach including fibrous vegetables that can be used to expedite the process of defecation. Fibrous food is highly recommended to be consumed by patients with colon cancer, people with diabetes, high blood cholesterol, and lose weight.

Spinach herbs for treatment, among others:
Wash three handfuls of spinach leaves red, then mash until smooth. Add one tablespoon of lemon juice, then strain. Next, add one tablespoon of honey and a chicken egg yolk and stir until smooth, then this herb is taken and treatment is done once a day for a week. Furthermore, treatment can be done twice weekly until healed.

Wash the roots of 10 stems of red spinach thoroughly, then mash until smooth. Add the tip of a teaspoon of fine salt, stirring rate, and then strain. For treatment, drinking water filters as well.

Strengthens the hair roots
Wash the leaves and stems of one bunch fresh spinach thoroughly, then mash until smooth. Add the tip of a teaspoon of fine salt, stirring rate. Next, squeeze and strain, and drink as well. Do it 2-3 times a week.

Patients with blood uric acid levels are high enough and Rheumatic Gout spinach are prohibited from taking too much because these vegetables contain a fairly high purine. In the body, will be metabolized purines into uric acid.

For treatment, red spinach is considered more nutritious than spinach green. Spinach contains proteins, fats, carbohydrates, potassium, iron, amarantin, routine, purines, and vitamins (A, B and C).

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