Thursday, November 3, 2011

Efficacy of Tobacco as a sedative

A tobacco plant (Nicotiana tabacuwi L) is a plant that processed agricultural products from the leaves of the plant genus Nikotiana. Tobacco is usually used as an ingredient as well as cigarettes and chewing tobacco. Arrival of Europeans to North America popularizing tobacco as a sedative. Tobacco plants grow well in lowland with an altitude of 1000 m above sea level.
Efficacy of Tobacco as a sedative

The characteristics of herbal tobacco plants:
• Trees: shrubs, annuals, height ± 2 m.
• Stem: woody, round, hairy, ± 2 cm in diameter, and the colour green.
• Leaves: Single, hairy, oval, flat edge, pointed tip, base obtuse, 20-50 cm long, 5-30 cm wide, petiole 1-2 cm long, whitish green.
• Flowers: compound and grow at the end of the rod. Petals hairy. Divided into five ends, hairy stems and green flowers. Stamens five, anthers gray, 3 to 3.5 cm long pistil, the stigma of single, white, trumpet shape crown, pink.
• Fruit: square, oval, green when young brown old. Small seeds, brown.
• Roots: riding, white. Propagation is done by seed.
Chemical substances contained in it are: Nicotine

Here are the different kinds of herbs benefits of tobacco:
1. As a protein-producing reactor Colony Stimulating Growth Factor (GCSF), a hormone that is essential in stimulating blood production.
2. To remove the leech bites
3. as herbal remedy diabetes and antibodies
4. as anti-inflammatory drugs
5. as an herbal medicine of HIV / AIDS
6. To maintain the health of livestock
7. Eliminating moisture
8. as a cure wounds: Take 25 grams of tobacco leaves, washed, then mash until smooth add 25 ml of kerosene. Squeeze and strain. Apply the filter is on the wound.

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