Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Corn as a Hypertension Medicinal

Corn Plant (Zea Mays) is a seasonal crop (annual). The life cycle completed in 80-150 days. The first half of the cycle is the vegetative growth stage and the second half for the generative growth stage. In general, corn plant height ranges from 1-3 meters, there are varieties that can reach 6 meters high. The roots of corn belonging to root fibers, corn stems upright and easily visible, as sorghum and sugarcane, but not like rice or wheat. 
Corn as a Hypertension Medicinal

Corn leaf is the perfect leaf. Elongated shape. Between the midrib and leaf blade are ligulae. Leaves the bone parallel to the bone leaves. Leaf surfaces are smooth and there are hairless. Stoma on the dumbbell-shaped leaves of corn, which typically have families Poaceae. Each stoma is surrounded by epidermal cells of the fan-shaped. This structure plays an important role in the response of plants respond to water deficit in leaf cells. Corn has male flowers and female flowers are separate (diklin) in one plant (monoecious). Each flower has a distinctive structure of the tribe of Poaceae flowers, called florets.

Substances in corn: corn seeds are rich in carbohydrates. Most are on endospermium. Carbohydrate content can reach 80% of whole dried seed material. Carbohydrates in the form of starch are generally a mixture of amylose and amylopectin. In glutinous corn, most or all starch is amylopectin. This difference is not much of an effect on nutrient content, but more significant in the processing as food. Sweet corn amylopectin is known to contain lower but has increased fitoglikogen and sucrose.
Corn nutrient content per 100 grams of material is:
Calories: 355 Calories
Protein: 9.2 g
Fat: 3.9 g
Carbohydrates: 73.7 grams
Calcium: 10 mg
Phosphorus: 256 mg
Ferrum: 2.4 mg
Vitamin A: 510 SI
Vitamin B1: 0.38 mg
Water: 12 g
And the edible parts of 90%.
For the same size, although corn has lower carbohydrate content, yet have more protein content.

Efficacy of herbal corn:
Smooth urine: 50 ounces washed fresh corn, boiled with 1 litter of water until the water is staying 1/2 litter. This potion to drink 2x a day.
Kidney stones: Handful of fresh corn, corn cobs 4, 8 leaves nasty shard. All washed, then boiled with 0.5 litters of water until the water by half. Strain to drink as well.
Hypertension: Same as prescribed for the launch of urine. After a normal blood pressure, drink this potion remain once a day.
Gallstones: 5 cobs of corn, 20 leaf cat whiskers. All washed, boiled with a glass of water until the water is staying 3/4 cup. While drunk during the day.
Reproduce breast milk: Eat some corn on the cob as a snack.

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