Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Overcome Heart Disease by Herbal Remedy

Heart disease occurs due to decreased organ functions are closely linked with heart function, such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, smoking, and stress levels are high. Rigidity caused by high blood vessel or blood vessel blockage. Consequently, blood pressure rises so that the work of the heart becomes stronger.
Overcome Heart Disease by Herbal Remedy

Effect of cholesterol on heart disease due to blockage of coronary arteries system in heart. Smoking habits can also cause blood clots in the heart vessels. Meanwhile, high stress level will automatically stimulate the heart so that its performance is not stable. types of heart problems there are several kinds, namely heart trouble due to excess work load, heart swelling, and blockage of coronary arteries or popular as coronary heart disease.

Herbal Remedy to treat heart disease, among others:
Herbal remedy for heart disease 1 (to cope with irregular heartbeat)
Ingredients: 15 grams of ginger, 50 grams of banana peels, and 20 grams of sugar cubes.
How to make: all the ingredients in the wash to clean. Then boiled with 600 ml of water until the remaining 300 ml. boiled water in the filter.
How to wear: the water in the drink while warm. Do regularly 2 times a day, but it should still consult with a physician.

Herbal remedy for heart disease 2 (to treat swelling of the heart)
Ingredients: half a handful of basil leaves, half a teaspoon of basil seeds, 2 pieces of the roots of basil, and 1 thumb kaempferia galanga.
How to make: kaempferia galanga in the wash and then in crushed. Together with other ingredients boiled in 2 cups of water until remaining 1 glass. When cool, boiled water in the filter.
How to wear: in drink 2 times a day with a dose of half a cup to drink.

Herbal remedy for heart disease 3 (heart disease that is not too severe, and for prevention)
Ingredients: 1 tablespoon instant mahkota dewa of pure mixture, 1 capsule leaves the god with tuber size of 500 ml, and the god of fresh leaves.
How to make: pour boiling water 1 tablespoon instant crown the god of pure mixture with 1 cup warm water, then drink 1 a day. If available capsule leaves the god with the tuber can be taken one capsule a day. And if you like salad, fresh leaves of the gods can consume as fresh vegetables daily.

Herbal remedy for heart disease 4
Ingredients: Take one old breadfruit leaves still attached to the tree. Breadfruit leaves parents have maximal levels of chemical substances.
Method: Wash thoroughly and then dried in the sun to dry. Then boiled up with five glasses of boiling water and leave until the half. Add more water until it reaches volume five glasses. Once filtered, boiling water ready to drink and should not be left out for tomorrow.

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