Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tea as Herbal remedies

Other than as a beverage, tea also has many benefits as herbal remedies. Type of tea: green tea, red tea, black tea, jasmine tea.
Substances contained in medicinal plants herbal tea: polyphenol compounds, amino acids, caffeine and minerals.
Tea as Herbal remedies

Tea plants (Camellia sinensis) is a tropical plant that grows to a height of about 200-2000 meters above sea level. Until now there are 1500 types of tea which consists of 25 countries. Tea tree must be diligent to be trimmed to a height of not more than 1 meter, trimmed about every 4-5 months in order to rejuvenate back the leaves. Tea tree reaches a height of 9 meters for Chinese tea and tea java. While the types of tea asamica reach 12-20 meters. 

Efficacy of tea as Herbal remedies:
Reduce the risk of Heart Blood Vessel Blockage (Atherosclerosis): In general when compared to polyphenol content between chocolate, red wine and tea polyphenol content of tea is second only to chocolate. Black tea polyphenols such as theaflavins and thearubigin contained in steeping tea leaves can prevent the oxidation of low-density lipoproteins (LDL) or commonly known as bad fat. Oxidized LDL is easily attached to the walls of blood vessels that cause constriction. If this condition continues, it may occur heart attack. While similar compounds found in green tea is the Epi-Gallocatechin Gallate.

Cancer prevention herbs: Based on epidemiological studies, consumption of tea was beneficial for preventing cancer, including cancers of the skin, lung, colon and breast. Research Feng et al. (2002) states that efficacy tea was probably caused by theaflavin content that can prevent oxidative stress in cells.

Refreshment of the body: the General is known that caffeine makes us fresh / not sleepy, improve concentration and reduce fatigue. Unlike the coffee that has a higher caffeine content, caffeine content of tea about one-third the caffeine content in coffee, which is about 25.5 mg to 34 mg per 170 ml. This moderate caffeine content of tea can be consumed causing more without fear of having difficulty sleeping or symptoms of heart palpitations. Other content contained in tea is the amino acid theanin. Theanin has a relaxing effect and can reduce stress.

Prevent cavities: Consumption of tea helps prevent bacterial growth and formation of acids that cause tooth decay. The mechanism of fluoride in preventing tooth decay is through its ability to react with hydroxyapatite (a mineral element that is widely available in the bone / tooth) or filling the spaces between the mineral. The reaction of fluoride with hydroxyapatite produces fluoroapatit that can strengthen tooth enamel.

Effects for pregnant women: Because tea contains tannins that a compound with iron in the foods they consume become a kind of component that is absorbed by the body, which causes anaemia and iron deficiency in pregnant women and can also cause the fetus to suffer from iron deficiency congenital.

Effects for nursing mothers: Tea can affect the smoothness of the milk. Because tea contains caffeine, so caffeine can enter the baby's body that cause intestinal cramps and baby will cry endlessly.

Note: Look out! Pregnant women and breastfeeding is better not to drink tea.

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