Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fern Cactus for Herbal Hepatitis

Fern cactus (Euphorbia milii Ch.des Moulins) is an upright plant, reaching 1 m high, generally as an ornamental plant in gardens, containing sap. Brown stems, prickly rough. Single leaf with the tip of a round shape is more rounded eggs from the base, the edge of the flat, green colour. Stemmed flowers, there are single and there is a compound (called siatium Typical), colour variety, there are 0ranye, yellow, dice and so on.
Fern Cactus for Herbal Hepatitis

Pharmacological effects: bitter, astringent, neutral, slightly poisonous (toxic). Interest to stop the bleeding. Hemostatic, stems and leaves as an anti-swelling and anti-inflammatory.

1. Interest: Functional uterine bleeding (menstrual bleeding
2. Trunk: Hepatitis.
3. Leaves: ulcer, inflammation of skin ulcers (Piodermi), scalded,

1. Functional uterine bleeding:
    10-15 fresh flowers, plus meat, boiled as a soup.

2. Ulcers and inflammation of skin ulcers:
    Fresh leaves are crushed, added brown sugar to taste,
    affixed to a hospital.

3. Hepatitis: 9-15 grams of stems of fresh, boiled, drinking water.

When arising diarrhea of excessive after taking this medicine, drink decoction of Glycyrrhiza uralensis (Gancao) as an antidote.

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