Friday, November 18, 2011

Lotus Herbal Medicine for High Blood

Lotus plants (Nelumbo Nelumbium Druce) is a wonderful annual aquatic plant, native of mainland Asia. Aquatic plants that grows upright. Thick scaly rhizomes, growing creeper. Leaves and flowers come out directly from the rhizome attached to the mud at the bottom of the pool. Leaf blade width and round, supported by a long stalk and spherical diameter from 0.5 to 1 cm, 75-150 cm in length.

Lotus Herbal Medicine for High Blood
The flowers are fragrant, grows towering above the water surface with a long round and sturdy stems, 75-200 cm long flower stalks. 15-25 cm diameter flowers, stamens many yellow anthers, petals wide, there is an ankle and there is a double with pink, white and yellow.
Seeds are round like a peanut, found in fruit pits shaped like a wasp nest. Seeds that are old blackish green colour, age approximately 1 month after flowers bloom. Lotus herbal medicine for high blood.

Parts of lotus plants used: the whole plant. Rhizome, leaves and stalks, and flower stamens, seeds and flowers such as buffer honeycomb / sponge (receptacle), as well as the seeds sprout. Use fresh or dried.

Lotus herbs for treatment, among others:
Coughing up blood, vomiting blood: the lotus rhizome is washed and juiced, until collected 1 glass size 200 cc. Drink, do it for 3-5 consecutive days.

Nausea, diarrhea: 50 grams of lotus rhizome and 15 grams ginger washed and juiced or shredded, take the water. Drink, 3 times a day.

Dysentery: 50 grams of lotus rhizome and 10 grams ginger grated or juiced. Water was added feelings 10O cc of water, then heated to boiling. Once cool add 1 tablespoon of honey, stir and drink.

High blood pressure: 10 grams of lotus seeds and shoots lotus seeds 15 grams (Lien sim), boiled with 350 cc of water until remaining 200 cc. Drinking every day like tea.

Heat in is also beneficial for people with heart and liver: 100 grams of lotus rhizome fresh and 50 grams reed rhizome washed and cut into pieces to taste. Boiled with 500 cc of water until the remaining 250 cc. After chilling filtered, drinks such as tea.

Bleeding from the nose (nosebleeds): Segment lotus root is washed and juiced. The water dripped into the nose.

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