Saturday, October 29, 2011

Efficacy Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus plants (Melaleuca leucadendron) are a type of shrub. Grows well in areas that have a rather wet dry season and dry. Thrives Barren ground, altitude 000-500 meters above sea level. Tree, 10-20 meters high, layered bark, grayish white with irregular surface skin peeling. Not too large trunk, with branches that hangs down. Single leaf, a bit thick like leather, short-stemmed, the alternate location. Leaf blade elliptic or lanceolate, 4.5 to 15 cm long, 0.75 to 4 cm wide, tip and tapered base, flat edge, leaves almost parallel to the bone. Surface of the leaf-haired, green-gray to brownish green. There are several varieties of eucalyptus trees. There is a red wood, and there is a white wood.
Eucalyptus (Melaleuca L)

The content of the plant
Bark: Fresh, neutral. Tranquilizers. Leaves: Spicy, chocolate, warm. Eliminating pain (analgesics), diaphoretic, anti-rheumatic, laxative Fart (carminative, relieving colic (spasmolitik).
Fruit: Smells aromatic and spicy. Increase appetite (stomachic), carminative, and upset stomach. CHEMICAL CONTENT: bark: Lignin, melaleucin. Leaves: Essential oils, consisting of sineol 50% -65%, alpha-terpineol, valeraldehida and benzaldehyde.

Efficacy of eucalyptus plants
Leaves: Rheumatism, Pain in the bones and nervous (neuralgia), Inflammatory bowel disease, diarrhea, flatulence, inflammation of the skin, eczema, evening skin due to allergies, cough, fever, flu, headache, toothache, Shortness of breath (asthma )
Bark: Weak is not excited (neurasthenia). Difficulty sleeping.

How to use:
A sense of lethargy and weakness, insomnia: Dry skin as much as 60-10 g of cut Necessary, boiled egg with 3 water glass until remaining 1 glass. After chilling filtered, then drink.

Arthritis, nerve pain, colitis, and diarrhea: 6-10 g of dried leaves boiled egg with 2 cups of water until remaining 1 glass. After chilling filtered, then drink.

Dermatitis, eczema: a handful of fresh leaves washed, boiled egg in 3 cups water to boiling water. Warm is used to wash the skin of the sick.

Suppurating wounds: skin-young, a little ginger and sour, Chewy, then placed on open wounds that fester. This herb will suck the pus from the wound and clean it.

Oil distilled from the leaves of eucalyptus oil and Twigs Called (Cajeput oil), the which is efficacious as a liniment on the body Who Are Sick or in pain, like toothache, headache, and arthritic aches, spasms in the legs or abdomen Eliminate bloating, Itchy insect bites, new wounds, burns, Sometimes as cough medicine.

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