Thursday, October 13, 2011

Content and The Benefits of Ginseng

Chemical content of ginseng which is known saponins and glycosides. Glycosides in the roots of ginseng known as ginsenoside. In addition, ginseng root also contains 16 kinds of ginsenoside such as essential oils, panasena, resih, musilago, Panax acids, phytosterols, hormones, vitamins B, carbohidrat and cellulose. In 1960's "terpenidol glycisides" has been found by researchers in Moscow and Tokyo.

Content and The Benefits of Ginseng
Ginseng Benefits:
Research on the benefits of ginseng has indeed been done since 1960, by Chinese scientists, the United States, Japan, and Europe as well. Experiment and evaluation of this plant showed efficacy to prevent disease and support the healing process. The scientists claim that Siberian ginseng has the function of the best adaptogen. Adaptogen is a substance to enhance the body's ability to adapt to stress. Siberian ginseng is not expressed toxin (poison), is not addictive (create dependency) and no side effects. Ginseng also serves to increase energy without the body's ability to impose, so that we can work more powerful without feeling too tired.

Korean ginseng extract is very beneficial. Research on treatment with ginseng extract in patients with diabetes, hypertension, cancer and other diseases showed an increase in health conditions relatively quickly and without side effects. These results are compared with the use of chemical drugs are often toxic and cause complications.

Ginseng contains two active ingredients, namely phytochemicals and nutrients. Phytochemicals form betasitosterol, kampesterol, kariofilen, sinamik acid, escin, acid ferulik, fumarik acids, ginsenosides, kaempferol, oleanolik acid, acid panaxik, panaxin, saponins, stigmasterol, vanilik acid. Contained nutrients are calcium, fiber, folate, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, silicon, and zinc, vitamin Bi, B2, B3, B5, and C. "Ginsenosides are the most important element of ginseng plants which are beneficial to health".

The benefits of ginseng to boost sexual performance seems not just a myth. Red ginseng (red ginseng) that is widely available in Korea is aphrodisiac and effective treatment for erectile problems. To restore the stamina needed dose of pure extract weighing 0.5 grams every day. To overcome the sexual apathy, it takes higher doses, ie 2-3 grams every day.

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