Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Efficacy and Content of Radish

The content of radish including enzymes diatase, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin E, niacin, essential oil, choline, crude fiber, sulfur, calcium, phosphorus, iron, oxalic acid, potassium, silicon, and raphain.
Efficacy and Content of Radish

Radish (raphanus sativus) is a bulbous plant shrubs annuals. Plant horseradish roots riding with side roots that grow on the roots of riding. The roots of this riding will change the function and form into large bulbs. The flowers resemble white flowers petsai but while the seeds are round, large, and creamy. For the trunk, its size and short oval hairy leaves.

Efficacy of radish:
For skin care, sulfur content which is a mineral helps build and maintain a good young skin care acne and asthma that can be processed in the form of juice.

Radish leaves are used as facilitating digestion & health care because many contain vitamin C.

Preventing colon cancer, the study in Italy showed radish / daikon in Japan of anticancer activity. Another study also in 1978 by the Biological and Agricultural Chemistry showed that contain antibacterial radishes are excellent for many types of cancer.

Nutritional value content of radish per 100 grams :
Calories 16 kcal, 66 kj Energy, Fat 0.10 grams, Carbohydrate 3.40 grams, 0.68 grams Protein, Fiber 1.6 grams, Sugar 1.86 grams, Sodium 39 mg, Zinc 0.28 mg, Potassium 233 mg, Iron 0.34 mg, Magnesium 10 mg, Copper 0.050 mg, Calcium 25 mg , Vitamin C 14.8 mg, Vitamin E 0.0 mg, Vit. B3 (Niacin) 0.254 mg, 0.071 mg Vitamin B6, Vit. B1 (Thiamin) 0.012 mg, Vit. B2 (Riboflavin) 0.039 mg.

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