Thursday, October 20, 2011

Frangipani inhibit the development of TB germs

fulvoplumierin compounds contained in the leaves, stems and roots of frangipani was found can be used to inhibit the development of TB germs, inhibiting dysentery, inflammation of the respiratory tract and hepatitis.

Frangipani is a group of plants in the genus Plumeria. The shape of a small tree with thick leaves, but rarely. The flowers are fragrant very distinctive, with a crown of white to red-purple in colour, usually five strands. This plant originated from Central America.
Frangipani inhibit the development of TB germs

Frangipani flowers classified as plants that can reach hundreds of years old. This plant is a type of suculent, i.e. plants that can store water in all parts of his body, from the root, stem, leaf, flower, until the fruit. Frangipani has several close relatives, namely Pachypodium, Adenium, and Mandevila, but even one family, different flower shapes and colours. The advantage of this one tropical plant is flowering throughout the year, can last a long time, and easily adapt to various climates. He is originally from the Mexican region of Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, and spread to Asia, up to Indonesia.

Benefits of frangipani, among other:
Trunk: containing a white sap containing resin, kautscuk, a type of rubber compound, compound amytin triterpenoids and lupeol. Special on bark efficacious to quell the pain and swelling and cracking on the soles. Plumeirid containing compounds i.e. compounds that are toxic glycosides. Because it is toxic and can kill germs. Frangipani sap the correct dosage of drugs is useful as a toothache or cure wounds, and is also efficacious for patients with yaws. But the sap is not to the eyes because it can lead to blindness.

Interest: to prevent arthritis or uric acid (used as a tea), reduce fever, stop coughing, launched out of urine, stop the diarrhea of dysentery, prevents fainting from the heat and cure constipation (if consumed in large quantities). Therefore fragrant frangipani flowers can be used as a mixture of soap, insect repellent, and perfumes.

Roots: by drinking a decoction of the roots frangipani, people with gonorrhea can be cured. Frangipani sap can irritate the skin with a bit of mild inflammation, so that the pus will come out and not damage the nerves.

Ingredients: Gum Tree frangipani (Plumeria acuminata) contains a type of rubber compounds, triterpenoid amyrin, lupeol, kautscuk and resin. Volatility of oil content consisting of geraniol, sitronellol, linallol, farnesol and fenetilalkohol

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