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Efficacy of Rose

Rose have many efficacy, including antidepressant, antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and source of vitamin C. Rose oil is one of the essential oil distillation and evaporation of the leaves so that the crown can be made into perfume. Roses can also be used for tea, jelly, and jam. 
Efficacy of Rose

Rose are shrubs plant of the genus Rose. Wild roses of more than 100 species mostly grown in the northern hemisphere. Species roses are generally a thorny shrub or climbing plant whose height can reach 2 to 5 meters. Although rare, a climbing rose plant height in other plants can reach 20 meters.

Roses thrive in temperate climates, although some cultivars are the result of joining methods (grafting) can be grown in subtropical regions to temperate regions tropes. 

In some species such as Rosa canina and Rosa rugosa rose hips fruit is very rich in vitamin C even among the natural sources of vitamin C the wealthiest. Rose hips fruit-eating birds like the fruit that helps spread the seeds of roses along the dirt is removed. Some birds such as Finches also eat bird seeds roses.

Efficacy of rose which are:
flowers: inside there are essential oils that contain geraniol, limonene, a substance citrate, sitronelol, linalol, nerol, eugenol, feniletilalkohol, farnesol, and nonilal-dehida efficacious as an antiseptic, a killer fungus Candida albicans causes vaginal discharge, increase endurance, can treat venomous insect bites, German measles (morbili), and acne.

Leaves and rose petals: efficacious cooling the body so it is useful to reduce fever and eliminate heat and toxins from the body. If you want a more durable efficacy can be packaged in the form of vinegar cure.
Ancient Greek and Roman societies use rose oil as a reliever of anxiety, depression and skin irritation drug. While Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medicine used for digestive problems and maintain the body's metabolism.

Roses are rich in vitamin C is useful for improving collagen. The content of polifenolnya also efficacious as a cosmetic product, such as preventing wrinkles, skin moisturizer, serum, and body oils. Suitable for all skin types and can treat various skin problems.

Rose oil improve elasticity, ideal to ward off wrinkles," said Jessica Houdret herbal plant expert. "Those who are sensitive or acne-prone skin can benefit from antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Good for dry skin."

Rose oil very nutritious for health, have a lot of nutrients, and can make skin look more radiant. Plus scent can make a happy mood.

Water and rose oil good for skin health. Rose water is taken through the process of steam distillation of flower petals, useful for the production of moisturizing cream and shower gel. While the oil extract is useful for the manufacture of serum, and perfume.

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