Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Herbal Remedy for Toothache

Toothache is pain in the tooth. Toothache caused by various problems of the teeth and jaw, such as dental caries, gingivitis or jaw disease, and many more. Toothache is a symptom of heart disease, such as angina. Toothache can lead to heart disease and stroke. Toothache with herbal remedy from medicinal plants is very powerful to cope  toothache.
Herbal Remedy for Toothache

Toothache usually refers to pain around the teeth or jaw mainly as a result of dental conditions. The severity of a toothache can range from mild to chronic, sharp and excruciating. The pain can be aggravated by chewing or cold or hot. A thorough oral examination, which includes dental X-rays, may help determine whether dental pain comes from the teeth or jaw problems and their causes.

Prescription herbal remedy that can be used to overcome the pain of toothache
Cloves: washing a few pieces of pimento leaf, brewed with boiling water, then crushed. Squeeze the cloth. Dampen cotton wool with water herb cloves before, attach to the tooth holes.
Jatropha: jatropha sap drops on tooth decay.
Watercress: a handful of spinach root, ½ teaspoon vinegar, and 1 cup boiled with water. Use this mixture to rinse.
Meniran: wash menorah roots, and then chew on the tooth root meniran sick.
Citronella: boil 40 grams of fresh citronella with 2 cups water to a half glass of water to live. Use this mixture to rinse.

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