Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Benefits of Strawberry

Strawberry the fruit is red indicating that the fruit is rich in anthocyanin pigments and contain high antioxidant. Because that's high in antioxidants that strawberries have benefits very much. Besides strawberries was rich in Vitamin C, fiber, low calorie, folate, potassium, and ellagic acid. By eating eight strawberries a day, then the need for vitamin C and fiber adults are met. Strawberries have Vitamin C content as much as 56.7 mg per 100 grams. With its content of vitamin C is believed to be strawberry able to reduce the risk of developing cancer up to 37%, other than that strawberries are also believed to be able to prevent breast and cervical cancer. 
Benefits of Strawberry

Strawberry is the fruit of plants which were first discovered in Chile, the United States. One of the strawberry plant species Fragaria L Chlloensis spread too many countries in America, Europe and Asia. Furthermore, other species, namely F. Vesca L is more widespread than any other species. And crosses between both up a lot of us find in the supermarket is a species of Fragaria Annanassa Duchesne var.

Strawberry plants can grow well in areas with rainfall 600-700 mm / year. The duration of sunlight exposure needed for growth is 8-10 hours per day. Strawberry is a subtropical plant that can adapt well in the tropical highlands has a temperature of 17-20 degrees C. Good air humidity for plant growth Strawberry between 80-90%. Planting media, if planted in the garden, the soil is needed is a sandy clay, fertile, friable, contains lots of organic matter, good water and good air. The degree of acidity of the soil (soil pH) are ideal for the cultivation of strawberries in the garden is 5.4-7.0, while for cultivation in pots is 6.5-7,0. If planted plantation house then the depth of ground water required is 50-100 cm of the soil surface. If grown in pots, the media must have the properties of the shaft, nutrients are always available. Elevation qualified climate is 1000-1500 meters above sea level.

Benefits of strawberry, among others:
Shrinking levels of cholesterol, helps paralyze the work Active cancer because it contains ellagic acid, reduce symptoms of stroke, contains anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant concentrations of seven substances that exist in strawberry higher than other fruits or vegetables, making strawberry fruit is an effective prevent the oxidation process in the body due to free radicals, thereby reducing the aging process, rich in vitamin C are beneficial for children's growth, contain very little sugar so suitable for people with diabetes, if eaten regularly can smooth the skin and make skin tones look more bright and clean, and prevent wrinkles, can be used as tooth whitening, to destroy it then stick it on your teeth for one or two minutes, then scrub with a toothbrush as a whole, effective against rheumatism and arthritis, astringent substances contained in the leaves of strawberry efficacious to halt attacks diarrhea, how to drink three to four cups of water to the stew strawberry leaves.

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