Friday, October 14, 2011

Efficacy Lily Flowers

Lily flowers, or that have a Latin name Lilium Candidum L, is known since ancient Greece. Lily flowers initially grown on the plains of the Mediterranean and western Asia, where almost every house decorated with the beauty of this flower. Even then, this interest developed in the area of agriculture. These plants can adapt to the forest habitat, often mountainous, and sometimes the grass habitat. Some were able to live in the swamp. In general, plants are better suited to live in habitats with soil containing acid levels balanced.
Efficacy Lily Flowers
Lily usually has a sturdy stalk. Most tribes formed daffodil bulbs under the ground plain. In some tribes of North America is the basis of the bulbs developed into rhizomes. Lily is a large flower has three petals, often fragrant, and there in various colours from white, yellow, orange, pink, red, purple, copper colour, almost black. There is also a pattern of spots.

Lily flowers have medicinal efficacy, chemical properties of the lily is cold, sweet and slightly bitter. Pharmacological effects of this plant is conceived as a cough medicine (antitussive) and tranquilizers (sedatives). Some diseases that can overcome is a cough, swelling and ulcers, tonsillitis, inflammation of the respiratory tract, pneumonia, asthma, stomach pain, chronic diarrhea, abdominal pain after childbirth, acne. And some important chemical substances contained in it, such as flavonoids (known as anti-oxidant, anti-cancer, and helps regenerate the skin), carotenoids that act as anti-oxidant, Saponin (also known as inhibitors of cancer cell growth).

Efficacy lily flower, among others:
Helps heal and remove the scar on the skin, such as burns, injuries caused by falls. And the excess, Lily can heal wounds without a trace. Your skin will return smoothly as before.

Saponins are generally present in tubers and seeds. Saponin serves to inhibit cancer growth and helps regulate cholesterol levels. Saponin is also contained in the Lily, which is why there are some cosmetic products that take advantage of Lily flower to prevent the development of cancer cells in the skin (especially if the skin is too often exposed to direct sunlight spotlight).

Lily flower extract may help skin retain moisture, provide special care for dry skin, skin irritation and sensitive skin.

Polysaccharide which is also contained in this interest is included in the hydrocolloid group, the function helps to increase the viscosity and stability of water moisture in the skin. In the skin, this polysaccharide withstand water levels are to remain in proper balance.

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