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Benefits of Dates for Health

The health benefits of dates is countless, because the fruit is rich in natural fibers. Fabulous sweet, dates are one of the delicacies of the most popular dessert in the world. Dates are a concentrated source of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.
Benefits of Dates for Health

Dates are rich in energy in the form of carbohydrate (6.1 g), fiber, potassium (54.3 mg), and enough iron. Potassium is useful to overcome muscle fatigue, it also lowers high blood pressure and stroke risk. Fiber is good for constipation. Fiber texture on the palm is quite smooth, safe for sensitive stomach or intestinal inflammation. The combination of iron and carbohydrate both for patients with chronic anemia and lethargy. 

Ruthab (wet dates) to prevent bleeding for women in childbirth and accelerate the process of positioning the womb as usual before the next pregnancy. This is because the fresh dates contained oxytocine hormone-like hormone that may help the parturition Oxytocine hormone is a hormone that helps when one of its functions or any woman giving birth and lactating female animals. 

Dates can calm nerve cells through its influence on the thyroid. Therefore, doctors recommend giving a few dates in the morning to the children and the elderly, in order to better mental state. 

Date palm is a dioecious plant species, which have male and female plants are living separately. They can grow easily from going to seed, fruit oblong-cylindrical shape with a length of 3-7 cm, 2-3 cm in diameter with bright red colour to a bright yellow, depending on the type. Dates have a single grain size of about 2 to 2.5 cm long and 6-8 mm thick. Date palm can bear fruit after planting for 4 to 7 years and can be harvested when it has aged 7 to 10 years. Palm trees that have grown can produce 80-120 kg (176-264 lb) of fruit harvest dates in each season. 

Dates have high tannin content and are medically used as detergents (having cleansing power) and astringent in intestinal problems. Dates can be given for sore throats, colds, bronchial catarrh, fever and relieve a number of other complaints in the form of infusions, herbs, syrup or paste. Dates can counteract alcohol intoxication. Powdered seeds are also used in some traditional medicines. 
The sap is shed by the tree trunk, in India, is used to treat diarrhea and urinary genital diseases. Its roots are used against toothache. Pollen produces a principle estrone, estrogenic, and has a gonadotropic effect on young mice. 

Stewed dates can smoothen the urinary tract. Dates are highly recommended as food for iftar. There are things that have been defined in the field of medicine that the sugar and water is the first time people need to hold fast after a period of eating and drinking. Reduced glucose (sugars) in the body can lead to constriction of the chest and disorders of the bones. reduced water can weaken and reduce endurance. This is different from the people fasted immediately fill his stomach with food and drink when breaking the fast. Though he takes three hours or more so that digestion can absorb these sugars. Therefore, people who eat food and drink when breaking fast can still feel the phenomenon of weakness and disorder, physical disorder caused by lack of sugars and water. 
Dates can prevent stroke. Dates are rich in substances that neutralize acidic mineral salts, such as Calcium and Potassium. Dates are the best foods to neutralize existing acid in the stomach due to leave the rest to be able to neutralize the acid after chewed and digested that arise from consuming proteins such as fish and eggs. 

Dates contain vitamin A which is good where he can maintain eye moisture and foresight, strengthen vision, bone growth, fat metabolism, immunity to infection, skin health and soothe the nerve cells.

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