Friday, January 20, 2012

Treatment of Leprosy whit Herbal Jatropha

Jatropha is called Jatrophacurcas L or Castiglionia lobata Ruiz et Pav, included in this Euphorbiaceae. This plant is rich with a variety of known chemical content, such as: N-1-trikontanol, alpha-admiring, kampesterol, stigmast-5-ene-3beta, 7 alpha-diol, stigmaterol, beta-sitosterol, iso-viteksin, 7-keto-beta-sitosterol and HCN.
This plant has the properties: bitter teste, astringens, and cool, toxic. Smooth blood (blood stagnant dispeling), eliminating the swelling (anti-swelling), stop the bleeding (haemostatic), eliminating the itching (anti-pruritic).

Treatment whit herbal jatropha:

Leprosy: The leaves are crushed to a pulp, paste to the hospital and bandaged.

Swelling, sprains, wounds bleeding: fresh leaves washed, then crushed, paste to the affected part.

Hives, eczema, fungus on the feet, kerion: Fresh leaves are heated over the fire until it becomes limp, and then kneaded for local consumption.

Ulcer: Oil from the fruit mixed with vaseline, used as an ointment.

Fertilizer hair: The scalp moistened with castor oil, with a massage, do it once a week.

Rheumatism: 10 sheets fresh leaves washed and finely-smooth, kneaded with warm water to ceil and rub the affected part. Carried out 2 times a day.

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