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Benefits Herbs Tomato ( 2 )

Tomato a plant seasonal, many benefits herbs of tomato for healthy. trunked weak and wet. The leaves are triangular. The flowers are yellow. The fruit is green when young and yellow or red when old. Seedy, flat round-shaped, white or cream, hairy seed coat. Propagation by seed is sometimes by stem cuttings that have older branches.
Benefits Herbs Tomato

Tomatoes in general can be planted in the lowlands, medium, and high, depending on variety. However, most varieties of tomatoes are more satisfactory results when planted in the highlands are cool and dry because tomatoes can not stand the heat and rain. Optimum temperature for growth is 23 ° C in the daytime and 17 ° C at night. The desired soil is clay-textured soils that contain lots of sand. And, would be preferred if the soil contains humus, loose, nest, and well drained. 

Tomato rich in lycopene, vitamin A, vitamin C, carbohydrates, sugars, proteins, fats, and water. 

Herbs tomato:

Fever: Wash ripe tomatoes (three pieces), then cut into pieces as needed. Mash in a half cup of cooking water and a tablespoon of pure honey. Squeeze and strain, then drink. Do it three times a day. Patients with diabetes mellitus are prohibited from adding pure honey to blood glucose levels are not increased. 

Gingivitis, bleeding gums: Wash the tomatoes are ripe, and then eat it raw. Do it twice a day, for about a month.

Sores, ulcers in the oral cavity: Diced ripe tomatoes (two pieces) and cook with fresh fish. Once cool, eat. Do it every day for 1-2 weeks until visible improvement. 

Gastric ulcer: Slice ripe tomatoes and citrus fruits are pickled each one. Add one tablespoon of honey, and mix evenly. Eat little by little, day 3-4 times, for three weeks. 

How to make pickled orange: Add 250 g of table salt in 500 g of fresh lemon. Enter into a glass jar, and then dry in the sun every day until the skin of citrus fruits shrivels. This material is ready for use. 

Increase appetite: drinking tomato juice one hour before meals. 

Weak because of low blood glucose levels: drinking fresh tomato juice. 

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