Friday, January 20, 2012

Treating Mastitis with Herbs Sunflowers

Sunflower (helianthus annuus Linn.) are the family of the compositae 
herba anual (generally makes a short, less than a year), erect, hairy, height 1-3 m, planted in the yard and gardens are getting enough sunlight, as an ornamental plant. Trunked plants including wet, heart-shaped leaves of a single, large flower / flower bowls, with a crown-shaped ribbon along the edge of the cup, yellow, and in between there are small flowers are tubular, brown color. 
This plant is rich with a variety of chemical constituents that have been known, among others: 
Flowers: Quercimeritrin, helianthoside A, B, C, oleanolic acid, asamechinocystic.
Seeds: Betha-sitosterol, prostaglandin E, chlorogenic acid, quinic acid, phytin, 3,4-benzopyrene. In 100 grams of seed oil. 
Interest: 100 total fat, 9.8 saturated fat, and unsaturated fat: 11.7 oleic and linoleic 72, 9. without cholesterol. 
These plants are soft and neutral taste. 
Flowers efficacious lowering blood pressure, reduce pain (analgesic). Seed efficacious anti-dysentery, stimulate spending body fluids (hormones, enzymesetc.) Stimulate spending measles. Leaf efficacious anti-inflammatory, relievespain, anti-malarial. The roots of efficacious anti-inflammatory, urinary laxative relief, cough pain. Marrow of the stem and the base energy rate stimulat evital nutritious, soothing, stimulating spending urine, urinary pain relief. 

how to use:
Flower (Flower Head): 
Headache: 25-30 grams + flower 1 egg (Not solved) + 3 cups 
water, boiled into 1 / 2 cup. Taken after meals, 2 x daily. 

Treating Mastitis: Flower heads (without seeds), finely-cut finely, then dried. Once dry roasted / toasted until charred, then milled into powder / flour. Every time drinking 10-15 grams, mixed + white wine + sugar in warm water. 3 times a day, drinking the first time I had to sweat it out. (Sleep wears a blanket). 

Rheumatic: Flower heads boiled up into starch, affixed to the the sick. 

Dysentery: 30 grams beans brewed, and then steamed for 1 hour. Once appointed, 
add rock sugar to taste, drink. 

Difficulties and the small bowel: 15-30 grams would be fresh boiled, drinking. 

Urinary tract infections: 30 grams boiled fresh roots. (Not for long, when a new boil, 
 appointed), to drink. 

NOTE: The Marrow of the flower stem and the base contains hemicellulose, which inhibits sarcoma 180 and Ehrlich ascitic carcinoma in mice. Extracts from the marrow can destroy nitrosamines and can for the prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal tumors (digestive tract). 

CAUTION: Pregnant women are forbidden to drink decoction of flowers! 

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