Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Efficacy of Chamomile can Overcome Diabetes

A study published by the ACS Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry in Japan and England prove that chamomile can overcome diabetes. Due to the "content of chamomile flowers can neutralize the sugar levels in the body, so avoid diabetes," said Atsushi.
Efficacy of Chamomile can Overcome Diabetes

Chamomile is a plant annual from the sunflower family Asteraceae. These plants grow in all regions of Europe and Asia that has 4 seasons. Chamomile also has been widespread in North America and Australia by humans. Chamomile require open ground to be able to grow, usually grows wild in the streets, shelters trash, or in the fields. Chamomile plants can grow as high as 15 to 60 cm. The leaves are long and small groups of two or three leave in a single stalk.

The content contained in Chamomile flowers are: Amico trytopthan acid, alpha-bisalcohol, chamozulene, polyines, flavonoids, and glycine.

Efficacy of chamomile, among others:
Muscle relaxation: in terms of health, one of the oldest plants in the world is very useful for muscle relaxation which helps reduce stress and tension. With less tension experienced by the risk of heart would be even smaller.

Body Detoxification: Chamomile also has the benefit of detoxifying the body by helping the kidneys clean waste products.

Overcoming Insomnia: insomnia can be overcome with the soothing scent of chamomile. The trick is to burn chamomile aromatherapy bar just before bedtime.

Cure menstrual cramps: Chamomile can eliminate stomach spasms or cramps during menstruation. Women who consume chamomile tea also produce a substance called glycine, which can relieve menstrual cramps.

Efficacy other to the outside of the body, for allergy, can smooth the skin, heal burns, skin irritation or injury. Well not a lot of benefits derived from Chamomile flowers, so it is used as material for tea, aromatherapy, and lotions.

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