Saturday, January 7, 2012

Benefits of Fig fruit

Herbal plants of fig (Ficus Carica L.) are a type of fruit-producing plants edible that comes from West Asia. This herb is included relatives of the banyan tree. 
Habitus in the form of trees, large and can grow up to 10 meters with trunk soft gray. The leaves are quite large and curvy in, three or five lobes. Flowers fig does not seem as protected by the basic rate that covers so thought the fruit. Pollination is done by a special kind of wasp, like insects that pollinate other Ficus species. 
Benefits of Fig fruit

The so-called fruit is actually a flower that forms the basis of spheres. This type is typical for all members of the tribe fig (Moraceae). The fruit size from three to five inches long, green. Some cultivars changed colour to purple when ripe. Removed tree sap can irritate the skin. 

Benefits of fig fruit, fig fruit helps the cleaning process of the toxins in our bodies, prevent colon cancer and diseases related to stomach. 
According to a study by Rutgers University in New Jersey, As, mentioned that fig fruits contain antioxidants that can inhibit carcinogens that cause cancer. Fig fruit contain also Omega 3 and Omega 6, which is a kind of fat that contribute to the prevention of heart disease. 

Fig fruit is also a low fat content, low sodium, low calorie and cholesterol-free, which must be very fit consumed by diabetics. Besides can prevent cancer, this fruit also contains a substance that is essential for the human body. 

In fig fruit contained a substance that can reduce bad cholesterol, strengthen the heart and normalize airways for asthmatics. Fig of fruit in addition to containing fiber is very high, where every 100 grams of dried fig fruit contained 12.2 grams of fiber, and also there Benzaldehyde substance, a substance that can inhibit tumour growth.

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