Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Anemia Remedies

Anemia is a state of deficiency of red blood cells or an interruption in terms of its ability to transport oxygen. This disorder is marked weakness, dizziness, dizzy eyes, and pale face. In severe circumstances, lack of blood the heart can interfere with work. 
Anemia Remedies
Anemia can be caused by consumption of foods that contain less nutrients, menstrual disorders, any circumstances that cause blood loss in large quantities (eg, severe injuries, maternity), or due to certain diseases (eg malaria, tuberculosis, chronic, etc.) . 
The following factors, either alone or together, can lead to anemia: 
- Loss of red blood cells in large quantities. 
- Damage to red blood cells 
- Shortage of basic material for making red blood cells. 
- Bone marrow failure in making red blood cells in adequate amounts.

Some way for anemia remedies include :
Herbal remedies anemia 1: 
60 grams of red spinach leaves boiled with water to taste, add 1 chicken egg yolk and then eaten. 
Use: Eat regularly 2 times a day 

Herbal remedies anemia 2: 
Enough chicken liver and 10 grains angco boiled / steamed and then eaten. 
Use: Eat regularly 2 times a day 

Herbal remedies anemia 3: 
Wash spinach leaves 3 red handheld then mash until smooth. Add 1 tablespoon honey and eat 1 cup lime juice, then strain and add one egg yolk chicken. Stir until blended. 
Usage: Drink 1 times a day for a week. After that, do it 2 times a week until healed 

Herbal remedies anemia 4: 
Rinse 50 pieces that have been mature buni fruit, 2 fingers kawak acid, and ¾ finger turmeric rhizome. Mash all ingredients until smooth. Add half cup water and 1 tablespoon honey, and stir until smooth, squeeze, and strain. 
Usage: drink 2-3 times a day 

Herbal remedies anemia 5: 
Rinse and 5 grams of dried red ginger, sliced, and then boiled with 5 cups of boiled water until the remaining 3 cups only. 
Usage: Drink three times a day. 1 cup respectively.

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