Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tamarind Herbs for Fever, Eczema, Menstrual Pain

Tamarind tree (tamarindus indica Linn) are tree of  height reaches 15 meter. Leaves finned even, every year between the months of September- October the leaves change with the new whole. The flowers are yellow. The fruit is a pod.
Habitat: This plant grows wild in coastal areas. Lowland 100-300 meter above sea level.
Plant part used: fruit flesh; young leaves (sinom); bark.
Chemical Ingredients: Fruits contain vitamin A; sugars; cellulose; acids that are bound by potassium; tartrate; sugar invart; pectin.
Usefulness: Laksan; Analgesic; Diaforitik; Laxative
Simplesia Name: Pulp Tamarindori Cruda

Tamarind Herbs for Fever, Eczema, Menstrual Pain
Tamarind herbs for treatment:
Fever: Tamarind 2 segment thumb; 100 ml boiling water, brewed, drink1 a day 100 ml

Eczema: Tamarind 1 vertebra thumb; rhizome of ginger 4 pieces; 110 ml water, brewed, drink 1 a day 110 ml

Menstrual pain: Tamarind 1 vertebra thumb; turmeric 1 finger; 100 ml boiling water, brewed, Drunk in the morning and evening, every times drinks 100 ml.


  1. Hi, can you please specify the eczema treatment recipe? How much is one vertebra and should I drink one glass a day or one tbs a day or how much?

    1. You can see it on the link below: http://herbalmedicinalplant01.blogspot.com/2012/04/herbal-treatment-for-eczema.html