Friday, January 20, 2012

Centella asiatica Herbs for Liver Swelling and High Blood

Centella asiatica is a creeping plant. Single leaves, stemmed shelf about 5 - 15 centimetres, the shapes like kidneys and jagged. Short rhizome and stolon length brownish colour. This herb commonly grows in areas with an altitude of 0-2500 feet above sea level, slightly humid environment, in the open or sheltered place.
Centella asiatica

Substances contained in Centella asitica, among others: asiaticoside, thankuniside, isothankuniside, madecassoside, brahmoside, brahmic acid, meso-inositol, centellose, caretenoids, mineral salts, vellarine, and tanning substances.

Centella asiatica herbs ingredients:
Swelling of the liver: take 240-600 grams of Centella asiatica fresh and boiled. The water to drink regularly.

Hemorrhoids: take centella asiatica plants root as much as 5 plants. Once cleaned, cut into pieces of this plant. Enter into a container of hot water and simmer for 5 minutes. Chill the water, and then drink little by little. 1 cup for 1 day.

High blood: Centella asiatica leaf 20 sheets and added 3 cups of water, boiled until a ¾ part. Drink boiled water 3 times a day, ¾ cup each.

Measles, fever, tonsillitis, and sore stomach: take 15-30 grams of Centella asiatica fresh, chew until creamed. Also, it can also be boiled and drunk the water.

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