Sunday, January 8, 2012

Rheumatism Cope with Herbal Kecubung

Kecubung (datura metel L.) are shrubs woody stems, the shape of curved rods can reach 1.5 m high Branching stretched wide and usually toward one side only. Leaves opposite, rounded shape. The flowers are purple or white trumpet-shaped. The fruit is a round box thorn, many brown seeds are flat round. Grows wild in the woods and in the yard
Used Parts: Flowers; Leaves; Fruit
Rheumatism Cope with Herbal Kecubung
Chemical Ingredients: Alkaloids (scopolamine, histamine, atropine); Flavorous
Usefulness: Spasmolitik; antitussive; Analgesic
Simplesia Name: Daturae albae Flos

Herbal kecubung for treatment:
Kecubung leaves fresh taste; Coconut oil to taste, leaves flashing moistened with oil, then roasted and then crushed, placed on the skin swollen

treatment of ear:
Fruit a cone-shaped fruit; Oil jaitun / coconut taste, Fruit kecubung issued its contents, then chopped fine and mixed with oil was then put back in pot and then heated briefly until the oil is hot; then squeezed with a cloth, oil that comes out we use for ear drops that hurt . 

Leaves a few strands of kecubung; Coconut oil a bit, knead, squeeze put the leaves in the stomach.

Dandruff, cone-shaped leaves (dried) 7 strands; 5 tablespoons of coconut oil, enter the bottle and cap; then heated in the sun for 7 days, applied to the scalp two times a day: morning, afternoon.

Fresh leaves of 14 strands of kecubung; Coconut oil 10 tablespoons, chopped and dried leaves kecubung then added coconut oil, save the mixture for 3 days. Wring it out and separate the oil and then warmed, rub on the painful part; if necessary; add a little eucalyptus oil.

14 strands of kecubung leaves; Lemongrass (finely chopped) 2 pieces; Coconut oil 2 cups, boiled mixture is then stored overnight in a closed place. The mixture is separated; oil warmed, rub on the painful

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