Friday, December 30, 2011

Efficacy Plum Fruit

Plum Tree is a tree bearing fruit in the genus Prunus. Terminal bud shoots and side shoots are not clustered, flowers 1-5 florets grouped together on short stems, and fruit grooved.
What are unique about the plums are the diversity types, colours, and shapes. Among the existing form is round, square and heart shape.
Efficacy Plum Fruit

In this world there are thousands of different kinds of plum shapes, sizes, colours and flavors. Plums are divided into two main types, namely:
European plums (west): crimson-purple, somewhat soft, sweet taste, but less watery.
Plum Japan and West Asia (oriental): yellowish green and red uniform, sweet and sour taste juicy. Plum growing wild since 2000 years ago, grown in temperate regions most of the year.

Efficacy Plum Fruit
This fruit contains vitamin C, B1, calcium, iron, phosphorus, fiber, potassium, and oxalic acid. Plum is very reliable as an energy source as well as a tonic for the brain, nervous system, and blood. Also has a function as antibacterial, antivirus, laxatives, and diuretics. Widely used to cure liver disease, bronchitis, constipation, diabetes, obesity, tumors, skin defect, overcome bloating, and hemorrhoids. Eating two plums a day can improve the digestive system work, prevent ulcers and bleeding gums Prevention of osteoporosis can be prevented by eating a plum on a regular basis.

Capable of stimulating the skin plums bowel movements and constipation problems. Plum fruit consumption can improve the condition of the body, reduce weight and decrease in risk of elevated blood pressure.

Plums can also treat gastritis due to inflammatory diseases of mucus in the lining of the stomach caused by taking too much spicy food, wine and aspirin medications. A high content of polyphenols in plums are very useful for bone structure. Plums can prevent osteoporosis and protect the heart by lowering cholesterol levels.

How to preserve plum into prunes. Can be done naturally by letting it dry up in a tree, dried in the sun or baked in the oven with a low temperature. Can be made into pies, tarts, cakes, sweets, sauces, ice cream, mousse, soufflé, sweets, candies, and jams. In China, made plum sauce served with sweet and sour for Peking duck and processed meat.

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