Saturday, December 17, 2011


Epilepsy is a brain disorder characterized by seizures accompanied by loss of consciousness repeatedly temporarily. Occurs because of a sudden electrical discharge and uncontrolled in large brain (cerebrum). Severe seizure called grandmall, while the mild attacks known petitmall.

Epilepsy Causes
Most cases of epilepsy of unknown cause. Some possible factors that can lead to epilepsy are a brain tumour, brain membrane infection, injury accidents, and diseases of the blood on the brain. Care and treatment intended to eliminate the cause.

Epilepsy Symptoms 
1. Patients experienced loss of consciousness and convulsions.
2. Object unconscious in only a short time. After that, the patient immediately
    reach consciousness again.
3. Difficulty breathing, bluish face, and out of foam from the mouth.
4. after conscious, sufferers experience headaches and muscle aches.

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